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    RESCHEDULED TO 10TH MARCH from Jan 21st 2016 with Dr Miroshnik

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  1. Vee

    June 2016 girls!

    Hi ladies i am 28th june dr M. Finally 3rd attempt at booking it!!!
  2. Hi ladies, I had to cancel my 10th March op and now looking at April still with Dr M. I know he requires you to stay 5 nights for the post op consult. Ideally, I would like to fly back home the day after surgery and fly back the week after for the post op consult. Whats the reason for having to stay? What are the dangers etc? I asked his clinic if I could do that and they just said I need to stay 5 nights, no explanation as to why...
  3. Vee

    March 2016 Boobies

    So glad all is going well in my lil old march group. I wish I had kept my surgery date as I was emotionally and mentally fine after my ordeal! Oh well….looking at april now
  4. Ladies, Has anyone been to this clinic in adel. Their work looks great but would love feedback. I am so worried i am going to look silly. Also worried about the swelling……
  5. Vee

    March 2016 Boobies

    Thanks ladies. A long road ahead not knowing if I'm hearing the truth from him. All the best with your booby journey and will still be on here to see everyones great results!! Sending love and thanks for your sweet messages xo
  6. Vee

    March 2016 Boobies

    Ladies, It is with a heavy heart for numerous reasons that I write this. Today I called and cancelled the hotel in Sydney, flights for myself and my partner and my operation with Dr Miroshnik on the 10th March. Unfortunately, i have discovered that my boyfriend paid for services at a 'flashy' (if thats possible) male spa and massage premises Saturday after heading to a bucks show briefly and then going to a club and then well we know what. He denies it. But my findings since asking him just seem to be getting stronger. He played the this is too hard, you're always unhappy moving to perth, we fight a lot etc etc and can't do it anymore. I am going to be moving back to Adelaide and I hope i recover from it all with no proper closure from. I did not think that I would be dealing with something like this at 31. Especially since he wanted to be married by end of next year. Life. It is what it is.
  7. im march 10th and doing my very best not to think about it lol and to think if i had my original op date 21st jan id be 4 weeks now! ok so if you click the forum tab and scroll towards the bottom youll find each month for surgeries. Click on march 2016 and theres thread in there
  8. Vee

    March 2016 Boobies

    We have a few more ladies joining the march group!
  9. I can only comment based on my experience to date with Dr M. My surgery is also booked for March. Have you joined the March 2016 thread yet??? I have umm'd and ahhh'd for years and years, probably from about 20 but was always worried about the complications etc as I had only ever heard of horror stories. About a year and a half ago I stubbed across Dr M. Again, this is just based on his work that I have seen and my experience with him and his surgery so far but i still would never have booked if i hadn't found him. He was very comforting and friendly over the phone. Didn't even feel like I was speaking to a professional Dr, you know, that stuffy typical dr feel. He was quite funny actually and made it very easy to discuss as I was so nervous! Took into account what i do for what and what my lifestyle is like and what i want…… tied that in with what i wanted to achieve and what he thinks i would need to compliment my figure. I hope the results are what they are cracked up to be! Very nervous about the pre consult and size!!!
  10. hey Boobtube from memory with Dr M (I could be wrong) but they said that If i wanted to secure an op date I could put the $1000 deposit on it...
  11. Vee

    March 2016 Boobies

    Im doing my best not to think about it. Very mixed emotions at the moment as well so know that you're not alone. ***** i better check re my post op bra and whether its provided?!
  12. Vee

    March 2016 Boobies

    wow march is filling up!!!!!!!
  13. Vee

    March 2016 Boobies

    Holy crap I am 4 weeks away from surgery today. Ive tried not to think about it or I'm going to drive myself crazy umming and ahhing as to whether i should be doing this. Trying to think of what i need to prepare before heading to sydney: -neck pillow for plane, straws, laxatives, cold pack (assuming the Quest on Bondi has a freezer), face & baby wipes…..anything else girls???
  14. This is something i worry about aswell. ....in fact i stress about this daily and think should i just cancel the op. Looking frumpy when wearing baggy tshirts etc. Something i will be making very clear to my surgeon. Even if they end up being too small, they will always be bigger than what i started with! !
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