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    BA - HP under the muscle. 365cc
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    Dr Kenny - 18th January 2016. TCI Southport
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    160cm - 54kg - bwd 12 - cup size A/B pre op.
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    Surfing, painting and running.

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  1. I'm 163cm & 54kg. I got 365hp rounds. I wanted bigger but wasn't able due to my bwd. I have before and after pics in my gallery if u want to friend request me to view. I'm now 13 wks PO. Haven't had myself sized but most comfortable in a 10E bra. It sounds huge but I seriously only look like a C cup!!!
  2. I have this too Wish it was cold all the time!
  3. I had my BA 6 weeks ago and was told to wear the strap. I hated it for the first week. I found it so uncomfortable! But then I got used to it and actually find it more comfortable on than off. I still wear it at night and around the house. How far PO are you? Trust me, you do get used to it. Early on after my BA, I would put sanitary pads under my arms to stop the strap chafing my armpits!! It sounds weird, but it worked!! Good luck!
  4. I think they look great with your figure! It is still early days. I got 365 HP unders and at first I thought they were too small. At about 4 or 5 weeks post op, they suddenly got much bigger as the muscle and skin started to stretch. I'm really happy with how they look now. Good luck with your recovery
  5. Hahaha!!! You beat me to this post!!! This weekend has been the first time I've gone out with the girls on show and man have I received some evil stares from females!!! I find it quite funny because pre op I was worried that I'd be intimidated by men staring, but the men are nothing compared to the chicks!!! I told my boyfriend that and his reply was "Nah, the men just know how to stare without getting caught". Lol. I'm sure not all girls are being bitchy. I know that prior to my surgery I couldn't stop looking at ladies breasts... but in admiration and for 'research'. Haha. I think it's something we just have to get used to.
  6. After breastfeeding I was a small deflated 10b. I had surgery 4 weeks ago with Dr Kenny at TCI Southport. I got 365cc HP unders (I wanted bigger but 365 was the largest I was allowed to go). I haven't officially been sized yet but bought a couple of new bras yesterday that were 12DD!! They fit perfectly!! My pre op stats were 160cm, 54kg, bwd 12cm. Feel free to send FR to see my before and after pics I'll just add that in clothes I only look like a size C though.
  7. Hi all, I'm booked in next Wednesday to have botox for my frown lines. I'm a botox virgin so have no idea what to expect! It's $15 p/unit but how many units will I need for my frown lines? I'm having a consult beforehand but keen to get a rough idea so I know how much to budget. And will there be any hidden extra charges? Also, is it safe to get botox after a BA? I'll be just over 4 wks PO. Any advice would be much appreciated! TIA
  8. @Mumstheword what is the name of the Facebook group if u don't mind me asking? And is it private? I'd be keen to join that but as long as others (on my friends list) can't see!
  9. I have a fibroadenoma about 1.3cm in size just above my left nipple. Since my BA I haven't been able to feel it but think that its just because my boobs are still quite firm (I'm 3 wks PO). Hoping I'll be able to feel it again as the breast softens. Pre op, it was even visible as it is quite close to the surface. Can't see it anymore though.
  10. I had my BA with Dr Kenny at Southport TCI, 3 wks ago. I'm very happy with my results. The team at TCI have been amazing from pre op to post op, I cannot fault them in any way. Good luck with your journey!
  11. i was super bloated for over 2 wks. I tried everything!! Nothing worked except time. I think once the meds intake decreases, so does the bloating. I'm 3 wks PO now and back to normal.
  12. 3 weeks post op selfie I need a better phone/camera!!!
  13. I'm only 3 weeks PO and also feel REALLY self conscious when I wear a tight/revealing top, but it is getting easier each time. And I kinda feel its silly of me to spend so much money on my boobs just to hide them away. I haven't told many people that I got them done but if anyone asks, I'll probably just say I'm wearing a really good bra!! @MissyHu you look super hot in that dress! The girls look great for 1.5wks PO!
  14. That's exactly what it feels like!!
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