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  1. I'm going to Dr Boonchai who used to be at PIAC and is now at Bangpakok 9
  2. Just wondering anyone that has had surgery with Dr B and had unders can let me know what their recovery was like please?
  3. Hey Hun. I'm going to Bangkok in 4 weeks. Was originally going to go to PIAC but found an amazing surgeon in Bangkok instead.
  4. I've booked for surgery in Bangkok on 9th June but will be there 7th - 18th. Anyone else there at that time? I'm going to be a loner
  5. I'm going in June by myself. Wait till then and can buddy up? Lol.
  6. So I've switched to Dr Boonchai and will be having surgery on 9th June Currently empty B cup after breastfeeding 2 kids, hoping for DD which is what I was when breastfeeding the second
  7. I've organised it myself. Have currently booked with Dr Suthat at Yanhee but am just arranging to potentially move to Dr Boonchai as he has great reviews. I did look at TCI and Enhance in Aus but decided to go Thailand instead.
  8. June 8th or 9th in Bangkok. Where are you having yours Tiger?
  9. Have booked flights to go to Thailand in June for a BA with Dr Suthat at Yanhee and potentially also Rhinoplasty. Many one else travelling at this time of has anyone got any feedback on the hospital or on Dr Suthat?
  10. I'm looking at 2016 but not 100% sure on dates yet :)
  11. I think he is now at World Medical Centre and I have been quoted 180,000 THB
  12. Good point Hun! Might just do it after for that exact reason. Don't want to be in pain for bday!
  13. Potentially a March 2016 girl here. Going to get them as a pressie to myself for my 30th bday. Trying to decide whether to get them before (would be great to have a sweet cleavage dress for party.lol) or after bday which is mid Feb
  14. Hi there. I'm considering Feb 2016 as a 30th bday pressie to myself. From NZ but tossing up between Thailand or Gold Coast at the moment
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