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    Breast Augmentation

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    Perth Australia
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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Cary Kailis 6 February 2016
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    1.76m/60kg/8A pre op. Had 365cc silicone round textured hp dual plane unders post op
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    Stay at home mum
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    fitness, outdoors, family and for now BOOBS

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  1. 8 weeks post op today. 12A pre op with 365cc hp unders and ended up a 12D. Loving the girls 😊
  2. 6 week cleavage loving the new girls 😍
  3. 3 weeks post op. Lefty still high but hopefully it will drop soon. So nice to feel like myself again. The first 2 weeks were tough as I am a very active person and was not abke to do much. Week 3 was sooo much better. Morning boob is getting better and no longer so painful. Looking foward to my first bath 4 weeks post op. Will start using bio oil on my incisions 4 weeks post op as well. Loving my new girls and cant wait to go shopping. I am loving my size 365cc HP textured unders but it would be great if they get a little bigger once they have dropped and fluffed. So nice to see all your post op pics you are all looking fabulous.
  4. went well. Great now having the stitches out and some new bandages. Lefty still high but will drop in time I will have to be patient. You are looking fabulous. How did yours go?
  5. All the best with your surgery tomorrow Kty25
  6. @holldoll looking fabulous 😊
  7. Hello Holldol Nice will look out for the pic😊 Yip loving them and great to see how they are changing and still have so much changing to do in the coming months. I haven't got any pain and have had no pain meds since Wednesday. Also been battling with constipation and heard its from the Oxycodem pain meds. I got some stuff from the pharmacy to help and stomach fine since Thursday as couldn't stand feeling so bloated. I also have my post op app with him on Monday at 11h00. Let me know how it goes. Hope you feel better soon 😊
  9. Boobsplease they are looking lovely.😊
  10. You are looking lovely @Timeforchange 😊. Just take it easy and rest it will get better. At post op day 4 already feeling much better.
  11. All the best SophieP117 with your surgery tomorrow 😊
  12. Holldoll so great to hear you feeling better. I am still a little high on the left and right slightly dropped. Still swollen but pain much better. Kids and hubby loving them as well 😊 Holldoll were you also given antibiotics via the Drip? Only got pain meds for home
  13. I am now 4 days post op and must say but sore in the morning but throughout the day much better. I am sleeping alot better as well. Got myself a Berlei post op bra and its quite comfortable but not gonna lie miss going braless. They also dropping nicely will post pics later this week.
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