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    Breast Augmentation 425cc anatomical implants dual plane
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    Dr Rizk 14th January 2016
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    165cm 57kg A cup
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  1. I had my surgery with Dr Rizk. Such an amazing surgeon. My recovery was really quick and the incisions have healed nicely. I have not one negative thing to say about the whole experience. The nurses were so kind as well.
  2. I am only 1 week post op and I have really bad back pain as well. No other pain. I read this article this morning which pretty much explained what is causing it, your pec muscles are connected to your upper back muscles which is why they are so sore. http://www.breastimplantadvice.com/backache-after-breast-augmentation-breast-implant-tip/
  3. This is why Im reading this thread!!! I had my 1 week follow up yesterday and I was also told to use tape for 1 week and then start massaging in silicone gel. Do you think it's because we have internal stitches? Did you end up finding more detail?
  4. I wish my left felt the same as my right, I would be in no pain at all. So weird. I'm interested to see what Dr Rizk says at the check up. Just make sure your resting heaps. I can't wait to feel normal again. I tried going to the shops today and got so tired and sore.
  5. Dr Rizk was amazing. I could not fault him. I was so nervous going into the consult and came out feeling so excited. He try's to accommodate your needs and what look your going for. I went to the crows nest day surgery where all the nurses were unbelievable. A couple of them commented on how nice and how good Dr Rizk is. They've seen some of his work and they look a lot better to what they have seen with other surgeons. Cosmeditour were really good as well. They seriously organise everything for you. There's also a private Facebook page for cosmeditour clients. Everyone made everything so stress free and exciting. The whole experience from start to end was amazing. I'm also pretty picky and expect a high standard and I just felt really looked after. I am already happy with my results. It's only early days, in a little bit of pain but nothing I can't handle. I'm happy to help in anyway. You have definitely made the right choice.
  6. I am right handed and it is more sore on that side. I did have less tissue and maybe the muscle more tight. I was a A-B cup, a lot of peck muscle, I wanted a natural look with minimal upper pole, I got 425cc anatomical extra high profile. I would like to be at least a D DD, but we chose the size of what looked best on the vectra. Started from 335, 350 and then between 375 and 425. There really wasn't much of a difference between the sizes , and I've heard to always go the larger size and I didn't want to regret choosing the bigger size.
  7. Hey, Surgery went amazing. In a bit of pain on my right side and none on my left. Dr Rizk was amazing and the nurses made the whole process so much easier and put me at ease as I was so nervous. First night I got no sleep. My back was killing me and needed to go to the toilet about 5 times. 2nd night was way better. Today I've been out most of the day, I get tired really easy and still really tender which is normal. I just had my first shower and a look at them and there is no bruising at all obviously some swelling but I am so happy with how they look already considering there only a couple of days old. I'm still taking endone and panadeine forte which I take every 4 hours to get on top of the pain. I will be very interested to see what size I will turn out to be. They have put me in a 34D bra.
  8. I'm on Thursday 😁 Consult on Wednesday to find out what size.
  9. I must say I am impressed with cosmeditour. It's little things like a phone call to see how I'm feeling and if I have any questions about my procedure next week. I'm going through dr Rizk and for some reason I thought I was getting polyurethane implants (due to some comments made on this page) but he does Polytech textured, which is what I will be getting. Very excited. I hope all the lovely ladies who have had there surgery are recovering well.
  10. How do you find people on Instagram that have had Polytech implants? I tried looking with no success.
  11. I found heaps of info on polytech implants and I am excited to say that I will be getting them next week with Dr Rizk. Have you gone onto the actual polytech website? A tonne of info about them on there. The implants also come in either textured or Microthane (not necessarily polyurethane coated) I have also found a lot of surgeons use these implants in Australia as well in another 60 countries. I have found a few great reviews on him https://www.realself.com/find/Australia/Sydney/Plastic-Surgeon/Joseph-Rizk and also if you go through Cosmeditour and become part of the private group on Facebook you will come a cross a few more people that have had them done with him. I guess it's a bonus that I have not come across one negative review about him.
  12. lol!!! Very exciting. Nothing to be nervous about. Mind you, I don't exactly know how I'm going to feel next week. Haha 😜
  13. I'm trying not to think about it 😜 Lol. Where making the big move back to Sydney on the 10th, I think the sooner I get them the sooner I can concentrate on everything else. I am very excited though. They also do the Vectra 3D so I am very interested to see what size I can go. I know I am getting tear drop dual plane. Getting them done in Thailand was not an option for me as I do not plan on going overseas without my little family. I have heard a lot of good reviews though. If you can get them done in Australia the process just seems so much easier and less hassle.
  14. I think it sits there as a credit. So you would be able to use it when your ready.
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