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  1.  Hi Amy, I also saw AG yesterday so we might have "bumped" in the clinic :-). I also liked AG very much, very detailed and clarified all my doubts. The only thing i regret is forgetting asking him to show me some before and afters of noses like mine. I envy you for your quick decision of walking out of his room and book the surgery straightway, while I am still sat looking at my Vectra before and after and wondering how nice it would be to have a more delicate and feminine nose (like i did for the last 10+ years) but still with no courage to finally book it ad get it done. I wish you all the best. I am pretty sure we will do a great job on you. Cheers Bee 

  2. Hi Bee, I did not have a consult with either of them but have met both of them through work.My surgery is purely cosmetic and we are very lucky that we have some fantastic surgeons in Melbourne who are good at both.

    I have three surgeons that I am keen to have a consult with but I am fairly certain I will end up choosing Dr Peter Callan.

    Thanks Fox. I did not have Dr. Peter Callan in my short list before but will surely consider him. I need both functional and aesthetic changes though which make the decision even more complicated to make.

  3. I've gone a bit crazy with the consultations myself. I've seen Greensmith so far and have appointments over the next few months with Stephen Kleid, Perry Burstin, Ian Carlisle and Tony Holmes. Mine is a complex revision so I need all the opinions I can get.

    Hi Mr Rhino, I am wondering if you could share with us who you end up going with after seen all the main names around Melbourne. I also saw Dr. Perry Burstin and tried to see Dr.Graeme Southwick but instead had to talk to the cosmetic nurse (really did not appreciate his triage approach). I really like Dr. Burstin and keen to hear from your experience. Hope you dont mind me asking. Cheers, Bee

  4. Hi Everyone,

    I am trying to decided which Dr will be best suited for Septo/Rhinoplasty between Dr Robert Thomas or Perry Burstin? They both look like wonderful amazing ENT specialists whom i would be lucky to see either of them.  i just  would be super grateful to hear from anyone who had surgery from either one or had any similar experiences, i have a deviated septum and would love to remove the bump on my nose make it a little smaller and cuter :)

    Thanks so much for any help.

    M x





    Hi Mjones have you made a decision between Dr.Burstin and Dr.Thomas? I have seen Burstin sometime ago and considering going with him. I also need both a functional fix as well as an aesthetic job (bump removed). It sounds very much like what your concerns. Would mind sharing your thoughts and experience? Cheers Bee

    I have met Perry Burstin and he is just lovely, a very very nice man and he is very well regarded. He has some really good feedback here on the forum if you typed his name into the search bar you will be able to see a list of threads where he is mentioned.

    Dr Stephen Kleid is also worth a mention, he is in Melb too and he comes recommended by other surgeons for his ENT work https://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/directory/clinician/profile/stephen-kleid

    I know it can be an expensive exercise but you should have a consult with more then one surgeon. In my opinion, you need to make a connection with your surgeon. Once you find a surgeon who is technically competent, you want to be able to have open dialogue with them and you need to feel as though they are listening to you.
    In my opinion, this is just as important to a good surgical outcome and overall surgical happiness.  

    Hi Fox, have you seen both Dr. Klein and Dr. Burstin? Did  you decide to go ahead with any of them? How did you find Dr. Burstin? I just had my initial consultation with him who asked me for a CT scan and another appointment with him before any decision is made. I am wondering if you could share who you picked to go with at last. Any info will be very much appreciated at this nerve-racking times. Cheers Bee

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