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    325cc round unders
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    14th Mach 2016 Dr Choy
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    was flat 10c now ????

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  1. op went really well ! very happy with results and with Dr Choys work ! had next to no pain post op only had panadol looking back on pre op photos i think omg my boobs looked terrible lol now they looking pretty dam good ! lol
  2. glad to hear we're all healing ok and liking what we seeing lol yes i was kinda happy to read that I'm not the only one that ended up with a few extra kgs... that are not new boobs weight lol can't wait till my boobs don't hurt to much so i can start walking again !
  3. Sam sugar . I feel well , still tight and a bit of bruising but hoping monday will be much better.. Still uncomfortable to walk around to much which hopefully will be better by monday as my work does involve being on ur feet most of your shift and some days lots of running around. ..... I guess this is just a small sacrifice time period for great boobs hahaaaaaa..... Hope your recovery is going well sam sugar and good luck to the rest of our march girls that have their ops coming up
  4. Just wondering how our early March girls are going ? Has anyone gone bavk to work?? Im just getting a little concerned as im due back at work monday. I had BL& BA. and only put in for two weeks off.
  5. Good luck to the other march 14 th girls Good luck today ltty-bitty im sure you will be fine ? Im day 3 post op and was looking at 275 300cc but surgeon ended up putting in 325cc mp unders . I dont think they look huge . Think I'll be pretty happy with them once the swell goes . I'll try upload a b4 n after photo for u . Photo was only day 1 so i dont think they look great yet lol
  6. Glad yo hear our march girl are goin ok ? Well im up today ..omg.....sitting at Hospital waiting my turn.. To say im a little nervous is an understatement o Good luck to the other march 14 th girls
  7. Meeks . yes i have Private health insurance
  8. I'm booked for the 14th as well Ana ! trying not to think about it to much atm lol
  9. so glad to hear others are feeling like this as well ! it took me days of talking myself into booking , lost count of how many times i said nah not doing it , it cost to much i can't spend that kind of money on just me ! so I'm glad thats pretty much normal from the sounds of it we've all gone/going through all these thoughs. i think once the operation is over and done with we will all love our results
  10. hey girls getting a little excited now ! can't wait till we start ticking our names off that list lol had my pre op appointment yesterday as well, went well everything sorted ! I'm looking at 300cc overs with a B/L. super happy with my ps as he has answered all questions before i have even asked lol
  11. dr choys consult was excellent ! i booked in to have BL/BA march 14th can't wait now lol
  12. Hi Girls I've just booked in for BL & BA for 14th March with Dr Choy.
  13. Belle1969 just wondering if your friend ended up going through with her BA with Dr Choy ? just i have an appointment to see him and would love to hear from anyone that has been through Zilver linning clinc with Dr Choy. thanks
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