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  1. I had 3 consultations and am glad I did. I was happy with the first surgeon, very happy with the 2nd, and over the moon with the third. I probably could have gone with any of them but felt 100% comfortable that I was making the right choice. Yes it was more money, but having the peace of mind was important to me given how much I was spending all up. Having said that, I had a lift and more complex ba so if it had been a more straight forward ba I'd have been happier with just one consult.
  2. Am a bit late to this, but glad you booked with Tony @Belle123. I've heard good things about Watts and actually have a consult booked with him for a different surgery, but given your complications I think you are in good hands with Tony. When is your surgery booked for?
  3. @raeoakes Sure do, I have plenry of before and afters in my gallery. Feel free to check them out and ask me questions. I've since had a revision and gone a tad bigger, so I'll add some new photos soon too
  4. Hi girls, quick update: nearly 2 weeks po - where has that time gone?! - and went back to work after 1 week. Feeling pretty good overall. I get a bit sore and tired by the end of the day or if I overdo it. Like yesterday I did a little grocery shop and even though I didn't lift anything too heavy I think the repetitive movements made me sore. My shape is starting to improve and I'm feeling pretty thrilled with how they are looking. Yay! ?
  5. Hi I'm only 3 dpo and am still getting light pink blood/fluid coming out of the incision where my left drain was. It's enough that I need to change the dressing daily as by the end of the day it is saturated, although not so much that it is leaking out of the dressing (although it is a waterproof one so it kind of holds the fluid in). My right drain site has no discharge, or a very small spot at most. This was a revision surgery and I didn't have drains the first time round, so don't know if this is normal or not for the first few days?
  6. Day 3 post op here. Was feeling pretty sore yesterday especially by late evening. My actual boobs are fine, nit sore at all, it's just the incision area as the band of my surgical bra sits right on them. My first BA I had the really tight, high square boobs at the beginning but this time they are actually quite soft already and I don't have much muscle pain. Maybe because the muscle etc has already stretched out from the first time... not sure. Although, since I've got bigger implants I thought it would have all been super tight again at the beginning due to the extra size. The shape is still
  7. @saffydaffy I'm similar height & weight to you - 168cm and varying between 54-56kg. I have pics in my gallery of my teardrops, 330 high profile (right) and 360 extra high profile (left) as I had a bit of asymmetry. I went under the muscle as my chest was pretty bony. I went from a small C (although mostly just loose skin, not much actual tissue) to a DD, although probably looked more like a small D in reality (bras measure bigger for implants). I just had a revision to get 425 hp and 450 xhp teardrops as I needed them a little wider to get the side boob I was after. My surgeon said with my
  8. Are you sure he didn't say rotation, not rupture? As far as I know with teardrop the only issue is potential for rotation (but still v low), but for rupture the risk should be lower than rounds because teardrops are made of a firmer gel (they call it 'cohesive, form stable') in order to hold their shape instead of liquid silicone
  9. I'm no expert but I'd be surprised if you were 11.5 with your height etc. If it were me I'd probably work off the 13cm, so probably bigger CC recommendation? If you liked the other surgeon better though, maybe go back and get them to remeasure. Maybe they just wrote it down wrong ?
  10. There seems to be huge variation in how scars heal from person to person, as it depends on the quality and type of your skin. That said, I used silicon tape for several months and my scars faded fairly well. I have photos in my gallery of my lift but I'll add some there of my scars that I took yesterday morning (11 months po). Although I've just had a revision yesterday so I'm be back to the healing process again!
  11. Most of my clothes still fit me after my first BA. A few of my tighter button-up shirts became too tight across my boobs, and a strapless cocktail dress no longer fully zips up. But vast majority still fit. I still went and bought a bunch of new tops & dresses because I found my style changed a bit e.g. being a bit more conservative for work so higher necklines, but for going out more cleavage-y tops ? Oh and I went a bit cray-cray buying new bathers ?
  12. I went with Tony Connell (Perth). Really happy with him. You prob do have a bit of swelling so they'll settle a bit. They already look wonderful though!
  13. Can you try measuring yourself? That's a pretty big difference and will definitely make a difference to the CCs recommended. Are you very petite? 11.5 is pretty small
  14. Looking amazing @sweet_suga !! We're surgery day buddies ☺ They look like a perfect size for you, are you happy with them?
  15. Out of surgery! Bit more sore this time round and I have drains which I didn't the previous time. Managed a sandwich and starting to feel less woozy. Peaked at the new girls and they're looking good! Not sure what size I ended up with as my surgeon used intra operative sizers so need to wait til I see him a bit later.
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