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  1. I sure am!! My next goal is to get out of the surgical bra and go bra shopping!
  2. I don't know why my post picked up Sammy D's quote line!
  3. I took my nail polish off my fingers, and when I was out of surgery I had some of the surgery texter marks on my nail. When I was in recovery, and had the oxygen tab on my finger, it couldn't register my oxygen properly and said I was at 80%! The nurse switched fingers and it went to over 90%. I think that's where the no nail polish/nail comes in.. So they can get a read of oxygen from your finger tips.. Maybe take one nail off if that's why they need it? It will look pretty glam! ?
  4. Thanks so much everyone.. To clarify.. I saw my CS last Thursday. He wrote me a prescription for Cipro (apparently an abs for skin infections) and told me to cover with gauze and come back in one week. So I have another appointment with him on Thursday. Don/Kin - I have followed Kin's thread and scared! I didn't realise your story started with leaking, so I am PMing you! no other systems like redness or fever.. Slight sharpness in incision, but I think that is normal nerve regen after BA. A swab of the fluid was taken last week, and they said if there were any nasties they would call me.
  5. hi all! I am 3.5 weeks PO and my left incision hasn't healed and I have slow drops of serous/seratoma fluid coming out. I put gauze on it and am taking antibiotics. I posted another thread asking about seromas, but I if anyone else had an incision that drops of fluid were coming out of, I would love to hear your experience.. I guess I am worried that I will turn into a 'complication' case and just looking for reassurance that the incision does close ?
  6. wow! Your results are looking great. How much time did you take off work? I was thinking of a TT next, but so worried about recovery time
  7. I know what you mean about being boob obsessed! I think I have googled more boobs in the last month than a teenage boy!! I am always comparing now!
  8. hi December girls and guys!! I wanted to start a thread on how everyone is going post op. Currently, I am 3 weeks post op, BA 420cc, overs... My issues are: * left side incision is weeping (serous fluid?), I have it covered with a dressing * I am getting chest pains when I breathe deeply (is this normal?) - feels like under the implants * still in post op bra * back on antibiotics * sleeping on side now (yay!)
  9. I had 10 sessions, but mine was laser, then ultrasound, then cavitation in the same sessions It definitely shrunk my fat cells on my tummy, but you have to keep up the diet and exercise to keep them down.. I then had my BA, and got swollen and couldn't exercise!
  10. Yes - I did notice a difference at around the 3rd session. I had to exercise immediately after each session to burn up the fat that was drained.
  11. Do you mean the laser lipo you get when they put the paddles on you and it is supposed to liquefy the fat cells? I did it.. It didn't work.. As soon as I started eating bad again, it came back!
  12. don - sorry if this is a TMI question, but what colour was your fluid? Mine is pink and I am worried it could become infected because I though seroma fluid was clear? I now now have dressings over it, but shouldn't I allow the fluid to flow out?
  13. I'm a Bris-Vegas girl, so no Melb CS.. I hadn't heard anything in the news yet.. I best do a Google to catch up!
  14. thanks Don! Did you have any pain, swelling, redness or heat with yours? I don't have any of that, and the doc had to really squeeze to get the fluid out.. Hopefully that means mine is small?
  15. Just got back from my 3 week PO appointment.. Apparently I have a smaller seratoma in lefty. It is a tiny hole in my incisions and it drips pinkish/orange liquid (yuck!). My doc squeezed some out and redressed the incision. No showers for 48 hours and on a course of anti-biotics. has anyone else had this and survived??!!
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