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  1. That's so exciting! I identified with so much of your post- particularly about worrying big boobs would make me look fat! I'm 180cm & 70kg and quite pear shaped with smaller shoulders & bwd of 11.5. I know so much more now after my ba and wish I had researched more. I got 345 dual plane & think about a revision for bigger all the time. Do you think recovery from the revision will be quicker, given that the pocket already exists (albeit it's smaller) and the muscle has already had time to stretch? The stretching of the muscle was so painful for me. I had a long & slow recovery but at 8 months PO I'm doing well. Cant wait to hear how you go X
  2. you will be fine hun. mine are dual plane also and at 11 days PO i was literally still in a world of pain and couldn't even tie my hair in a pony tail and couldn't for ages..im now 15 weeks PO and I am back at the gym training and doing push ups and body attack etc! FINALLY! but! this is because i literally focused on recovering properly for 3 solid months and i listened to my body and didnt rush back to the gym. give yourself time and you will be fine
  3. RE weight training, i'm pretty sure its 4 weeks but i honestly couldn't even look at the weights side of the room until at least week 9. it depends on your personal recovery and also obviously, how heavy you train at the gym! I had a super slow recovery and a lot of muscle discomfort and that "pulling" sensation when i laid down or drove until about week 10. finally turned a corner at the 11 week mark! THATS NEARLY 3 BLOODY MONTHS! urgh. that is NOT normal though...i have a gf who had a BA a week before me, got 450s (i got 345s) and was pushing her kid in the pram and driving 4 days later. its all extremely personal so just do what feels right and DONT push yourself to do anything
  4. I'm 180cm & got 345cc! Your height is kind of irrelevant it's more about your shape/structure/proportions and what look YOU want. I was extremely worried about going too big also, I've learned that's really common since being on here. What I've also learned is don't get fixated on the cc/cup sizes. Find lots of pictures of the boobs you like, show them to your PS and work that way and hopefully you'll be really happy with the outcome x
  5. Thanks girls, I agree it's early days & know I'm impatient. I was very mentally un-prepared for the long recovery and am sick of always feeling sore & uncomfortable. To clarify- does the bigger/tighter one mean it's the one dropping fastest? On me, you can see my nipples are uneven. Is the right one, which sits higher and more centred indicative that it's dropped and the left just needs to catch up?
  6. Hey girls, I've just hit 6 weeks PO for 345 dual planes and am stillllll finding tightness in my chest, particularly the right breast. I returned to see my surgeon at 3 wks as I was so concerned about tightness in right breast- it remains fuller & bigger I think than the left one and I don't know why. When I lie down at night in bed I get that weird pulling feeling still. Is the right dropping faster? The right one is way firmer/tighter than the left, left one is much softer but appears to NOT be dropping as fast. I have attached a pic I took the other day & would love some feedback, it's hard to know what is normal healing & what is not. X
  7. I feel pretty good at 3 weeks post op, off all pain meds and have been for close to a fortnight BUT- my right breast is super tight and visibly swollen compared to the left. Is this normal?! When I lie down at night I still have to be propped carefully as it feels like a pulling sensation under both boobs ?
  8. when are physically allowed to get them revised? Like time wise?
  9. me too ? I'm 3 weeks PO today. My boobs are still really tender and I'm feeling a lot of muscular type pain, especially on the right side (I got 345 dual plane). Still sitting very square/high/small. The look I thought a 345 would achieve when trying on sizers etc is actually way smaller than what I had in my head, so that's been frustrating. I know I'm torturing myself but I can't help wishing I'd gone to a bigger size because right now they are just what my padded bra used to look like and it feels so disappointing, I was looking forward to feeling better in my body not worse
  10. I'm 5'11"!!! Veryyyyy bloody tall! very scrawny shoulders but very wide hips...my bwd is only 11.5 and my actual waist is like 66cm. What do you mean rounded or slopey? On the implant? They are still very square and weird shaped but they better be bloody round as that's the shape I went ? Not tear drop
  11. I was exactly the same about worrying that the bigger I went, I would look fat! Like I literally was lying awake at night worrying about it ? THEY WONT. I got 345 and they're 2 weeks old on 2 Jan and honestly...they better drop and fluff and settle and all those things you see and hear on here so much because right now, they look very small. I can't believe I'm even saying this but I kind of wish I went bigger ? I even started a thread on here to get sizing help & feedback from other girls that's how worried I was! 330 tear drop unders should look really lovely & natural. I will def put some pics up but only once my dressings are off- Jan 5!!! ?
  12. Your scars look incredible! They are super fine and neat and will fade beautifully. ?? with your bra, did you leave the bottom hook open? That's what he told me to do :)
  13. Loving that I've found this Jim kollias thread! ?? I had 345 dual plane unders on the 19th. I am still covered in pen from when he drew all over me in surgery but that is my only complaint (dyinggg for a proper shower not a bath) so im counting my blessings. How have you girls found your scarring? I can't WAIT til the 5th to get my dressings off and the stitches out- I presume there is stitches underneath?!- and see the girls properly! Are wveryones settling well? Did anyone need to wear that band/tube push down thing?
  14. Oh Jesus really?! Why no bio oil? I only did the top part, nowhere near the wounds
  15. hey girls! I had my surgery on Saturday (345 round hp dual plane) and at day 3 I took off my special bra tonight and I swear I already see stretch marks ? I'm not totally surprised by this, as my boobs were barely an A before surgery and my god, I can feeeel the skin stretching it's the strangest sensation. I gave them a gentle massage with bio oil & have jumped into bed- any other recommendations? I would rather slow or completely avoid the process than be trying to fix up stretch marks in future on my beautiful new boobs!
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