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    BA - After breast feeding 2 kids for a total of 4 years boobs are now sho0wing it!

    375cc mod plus profile, under muscle, breast fold incision with Dr. Narupon
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    Dr. Narupon PIAC 5th Jan!
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    162cm - 65kg and small c cup
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    Fitness and Family!

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  1. I started off with Restored Beauty Getaways and Trish was SO helpful and quick to respond, however, after doing my research, I ended up booking straight through the hospital and saved myself $450 as they provide exactly the same service but without the cost! lol They even do your airport transfers. I went through PIAC. Could not be happier! (although, I wish I went bigger lol)
  2. ? ?? i have boob greed and wish i went 500 now lol @pilbaraprincess will look amazing!!!! I got mod plus profile and still getting used to my side boob whilst working out ? haha
  3. Woo hoo! Have you any idea what size/profile? I loved ripping the padding out of mine lol oh AND having clevage!!
  4. Hi @nay i dont think the hospital does smooth implants at all... let us know if you find out for sure!
  5. Hi @Mummato5 so sorry for the late reply are you in patong yet?? Im almost 8 weeks and my healing has been very text book so far. I can not fault dr. Narupon. I didnt really spend much time with him, however thats because he answered all my questions before i got to ask them! I showed him pics, he measured me and i went with exactly what he recommended to get what i was after. I look JUST like the pics i showed him lol althoigh i have contracted 'boob greed' and would definately say go bigger. The sample implants look way larger than what you end up lookong if you go under muscle! Pgysica
  6. Once you are booked in your co ordinator from PPSI will add you to FB group. @Meeks ?
  7. I'd like to know too @rachael1981 !
  8. I went with what my surgeon recommended and they look fab!! But 6 weeks on have contracted a severe case of boob greed and would definitely go bigger ?
  9. Hi @cj27 i had aa standard BA 6 weeks ago and paid cash. Was so easy and id definately recommend doing that if you feel comfortable doing so. I booked straight through ppsi (formerly piac) arrived in the evening and was picked up by their driver. The next morning before my appointment i went for a walk in patong where there were no less than 50 exchamge booths! I got a great rate and was charged no fees etc. Hope this helps as banks dont give the best exchamge and sometimes yoi can be lobbed with lots of fees on cards xx just do your research and do what you're comfortable with xx @kara
  10. I think its mostly for.peace of mind...if you are travelling alone or are nervous. I went straight through the hospital in phuket and went alone and they organised everything lol they were amazing and i didnt want for anything! However i dod really like the look of the 'group tours' but my dates didn't align. Totally an individual decision but definitely do your research if you choose an agent x
  11. Good luck! @jeboobs! I also got 375 unders very excited for you xx
  12. good luck @Candace ! Neck pillow is definitely a staple and im still using mine!
  13. Hi @Lucky Cat ! Ive requested to follow you in insta! Im thefamilyandshane ? cant wait to follow you! Im still boob obsessed almost 3 weeks post op
  14. When i went to phuket for my ba a couple of weeks ago (fistlst time.to thailand)my only stipulation was i drank the bottled water and food was hot. I LOVED the street food and tried not to eat western food although i felt like a pizza one night so got it from room service! Im sorry youre having such a hard time over there ? i really loved the thai people (i was however apalled at some tourists antics I witnessed on several.occasions) hopefully surgery goes well and you recover happilyxx dont take bartering personally, they're just trying to get by... have some fun with it ... ; )
  15. Hi @Kaba21 i have to agree with @MyNewBoobs ... there are plenty of Australian horror stories too. I chose to go through PIAC not because if the price but because i actually felt they offered more qualified surgeons woth better care. I went with dr. Narupon as he is an 'young' up and commer, had done placements in texas and japan and i loked the look of his work. I went by myself. Was looked after amazingly by the staff and stayed overnoght woth my drains in (not doscharged and left to my own devices like oz hospitals) and felt safe the whole time I honestly feel that Thai health care pu
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