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    Breast Aug Teardrop 375cc September 2016
    Ear Cartilage Rhinoplasty July 2012
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    Dr Craig Layt 2016, Dr Robert Hodge 2012
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  1. Thank you definitely excited to go back tomorrow and get an update on how they are healing etc 😁
  2. Hi I am a week post op, going for my follow up appointment with dr layt tomorrow. I have been quite anxious the past week as I haven't been wearing the bra only the strap as instructed by dr layt. Has anyone had their Breast Aug done by dr layt or have to wear the strap? How long did yours take to "drop" and settle, I know it is only 1 week just wanting to know how others went and what to expect! thanks
  3. Thank you :) thanks I was so upset too! I have a consultation with dr Kohout on the 20th of January and dr Perron 5th of feb hopefully all goes well and a more positive outcome
  4. Thank you I tried to go through the breast institute they won't take me because it won't be a straight forward procedure... I only sent them photos and they told me that very devostated haha
  5. Hello I am looking for any stories/ reviews on the above surgons I have short listed to those and would like to know if anyone has personally seen them. I can't find much on Dr Kohout... thanks in advance :)
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