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    breast augmentation dentistry
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    Dr Vucak 28 April 2011
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    53kg 169cm padded 12B

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  1. Hey Diamond, I must be one of the luckiest girls. Hospital was amazing. Up and walking within two hours. Day 2 went shopping, day three driving, day 7 believe it or not mowed my lawn. Ive had practically no pain. Ive taken to meds “just in case” silly i know because i didn’t needn’t them. No swelling, id say due to the compression bra. Sleeping has been the worst. First two nights were killers, but even still 10 nights on im waking at least every hour. I do get pain the morning but it normally goes soon after i sit up. I ended up going 545 cc under the muscle, high profile, im guessing i will be a DD. I have tried a D bra on over my compression bra and there is no way it will fit. So three days – i bet you’re excited. I can’t wait to hear about it. I wish you a pain free, quick recovery like i had xxx