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  1. I love mine too @Emi I'm wearing normal bras during the day and nothing at night, just back to normal life (except with beautiful boobies!)
  2. @Cuddlybear I'm also a borderline lift. Had my BA 11th April. Its taken me a long time to get used to them as they arent the look ans shape i see everyone elses look like. But in a bra, they look as good as i had hoped. I'm getting used to them naked now and am happy with the results. A scar from a lift would also look not great naked, i remind myself. I actually was going for the natural look - they do look natural front on, but side on the impant is sitting where it should be but the breast tissue sits low. Does yours look like that from the side? Im struggling to find anyone else with
  3. Hey ladies! Just got back from 2 weeks in Bali..where i discovered the first time i was submerged that the boobies felt quite buoyant hehe. Got used to it by the end I'm really happy with how mine are settling. I still have to be selective of which bikini i can wear as they look really fake in some! But i managed to get a few awesome pairs which jist made it look like i had nice big boobs I've started wearing underwires now and they are no longer hurting my incisions. My scars are looking good, but still have quite a while to go xo
  4. 2 months PO. Just landed in Bali and took the boobies for a swim. They feel like they're buoyant! Lol Anyone else had this?
  5. @Emilyy i only had 225's put in. The first thing i said when i was changing at the hospital is that they are too small. Then they swelled. Then the swelling went down. I went from a 10B to a 10DD which is a decent boost in cup size! I wasn't really convinced with the size till i saw them in a DD bra and realised i loved them. What cup size were u aiming for?
  6. Ive had the feather tattoo and full body laser too. Best ever. I also do RF on my face and thighs/butt which work awesome. Got sick of paying for sessions so bought a machine for home. Recommend. I also whiten teeth at home. Got trays made up and buy gel online..works a treat. My list: 1. Bigger boobs on revision. No hurry, happy with new current boobs.. but next (prob soon lol) 2. Breast lift 3. Lipo on front, insides, outsides and backs of thighs. 4. Face fillers The list will grow as new procedures are created. No doubt ha ha!
  7. I've just started doing assisted pish ups. Am 7.5w PO. My surgeon didn't tell me that good to know thanks! And sorry i couldn't help.
  8. @betty boobs my nipples settled between 2-3 weeks xo
  9. @Valy i got 225's, am 7.5w PO and am loving them! i think it depends on how much breast tissue you have to start with..and where you are trying to go You look great xo
  10. I've got these withouth the wire - they are decent. Bought size 10 and size 8 (i'm a dress size 6-8, currently bra size 8E). the size 8 gave decent support, i still sometimes wear them am 7.5 weeks PO
  11. @brisgirl81 it will get better, hang in there. I bought a proper wedge from badbacks to avoid all of that. Try sticking a pillow under your knees. It takes the pressure off your tailbone xo
  12. @Hazelnut totally normal xo i had booby blues on and off for the first couple of weeks, mostly at the start though. "are they too big?" "are they too small?" LOL! Around day 5 i had a phantom fever and felt REALLY unwell, i was worried i had an infection or something and had massive anxiety and regrets. but alas, i was absolutely fine. I'm 7.5weeks PO now and so very happy with them
  13. Hey @Fitmummaof3 I was never booking with Dr Connell, you may have me confused with someone else?
  14. @Emi i just bought a wireless crop from Kmart for $5. I'm not ready for wires, it still hurts my incisions a bit. The support isnt awesome so i wear another crop on top (also from Kmart lol i should buy shares there) Curious if anyone finds a good wired one though as I'll be needing one soon... How's everyone recovering?? I'm 7 weeks today and feeling awesome! Started exercising again thank goodness! feeling so much better and all the excess flab is shedding whoo! Posted pics of my 7 weeks in my gallery if anyone is interested.
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