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  1. ive had friends that have been there and some good results, some bad. if you want natural looking DO NOT go there. even the ones that look good, do not look natural. you cannot put a price on your life. what ive just had last week cost me 22k all up approx and i wouldnt pay less. your average BA will put you out 10/12k and i think its worth it. work the extra year and save! thats what my friend did and she is so happy she did it because our other friend went to the tci wanting the same thing, lets just say i know who i would be proud to call mine. good luck deciding
  2. thanks, it has only gotten better so i look forward for the next few months!
  3. My journey with Dr Tavakoli - one week post op! A week since my surgery, and I'm feeling a lot better than I thought I would.The pain like I said after day 1 is fully manageable but even looking at my chest I can notice huge changes. My bruises have turned a beautiful yellow (this is a good thing!)I can start to see some cleavage too as my swelling has disappeared. I've finished my antibiotics and I'm only taking some paracetamol before bed as the pain isn't really there but personally my bruises are really sensitive so I need to be careful how I position myself when I'm resting. My tummy where the fat was taken is still a bit bruised but I would've forgotten that I even had that done if it wasn't for my bruise. Everyone is different when their body is healing, some of my friends have had massive trouble after a breast augmentation and to think I had a lot more than that done and I would consider myself to be doing really well. I haven't been doing much, just taking it easy as my breast was accidentally bumped and I haven't wanted to make things worse over the weekend. I've definitely been milking it around the house though when it has come to doing things which I am not shy to admit, though I am very surprised with what I can do a week after. I've certainly made the right decision when I chose to have Dr Tavakoli perform this procedure. As my breast was bumped before the weekend (when I say bumped, I mean accidentally kicked by a toddler) I made contact with one of his staff, his nurse via email and she was incredible. As silly as my questions seemed and as you can imagine I was so scared, she responded.... on the weekend! within the hour. I was pleasantly surprised to hear so soon and felt so comfortable that I had back and forth contact and answers almost instantly. i flew home on the saturday night back to melbourne as i flew interstate to have this surgery done by Dr T and no pain at all, when i expected it the most which made me very happy, very lucky i didn't have to carry my bags though. I can't wait until my dressing are fully off in two weeks!! I might even post a before and after
  4. On Monday I had my surgery in the morning, first I got to speak to Dr T and he drew up his markings on my chest, of course I didn't understand them but any question I had I was comfortable to ask and he was answered and I trusted his beautiful art work on my chest. I felt pretty anxious all morning and going in to the theatre was quiet scary because it all became real for me. But 3 seconds later I was in my own little world. When I woke up from my anaesthetic I felt very groggy and the pain was definitely there. My chest felt very tight but I was given some medicine to keep the pain away temporarily but as I had a fat transfer from my belly to my breast to balance out the asymmetry in my breasts, my stomach felt like I did 200 sit ups....and for anyone who has done 200 sit ups, the feeling is not fun! I was at the East Sydney Private Hospital and the staff there were so good to me and I was visibly in pain and they did all they could to make me as comfortable as possible, which I was! Dr Tavakoli came and saw me later just to check up on how I was feeling and to take a look at his work. It was really comforting to be able to speak to him and tell him how happy I was regardless of the swelling, I knew they would turn out how I imagined. The pain I felt wasn't as bad as what I expected, this was just a few hours after!But Monday night approximately 12 hours later I was definitely feeling it.After taking my medication as I was instructed all day I was fine to sit up and rest. 24 hours after my surgery I was feeling quite sore but the pain for me is %100 manageable. I was okay to have a shower on the morning, I was very careful and had a friend help wash my hair and all was fine. I haven't done anything outrageous but I have needed a bit of help going up and coming down stairs when I was coming home but so far so good! I can't wait to see and give and update of how I'm going after a week
  5. Hey! Benelli lift, doesn't sound as fun as my lollypop lift! i think being nervous is a part of the process, my nerves are over taken with excitement. It wouldn't be normal to not be nervous. when are you due for your surgery? Less then two weeks for me!!! Counting down the days less than two weeks! ?
  6. Three days ago I had my consult with Dr Tavakoli in regards to fixing my breasts. It turns out I needed more than just a standard augmentation due to my breast being fairly asymmetrical. In January 2016 I am having a bilateral breast augmentation with a lollypop lift. I don't know whether I am more nervous or excited but I’ve thought about this procedure for a long time and chose to have it done by Dr Tavakoli. After meeting him in 2013 then having a rhinoplasty and a brow lift in 2014. I felt really comfortable with my decision because Dr Tavakoli had performed cosmetic surgery on me before. Both my previous experiences were fantastic and I was looked after in every aspect of my surgery, before, during and after. I had made contact with other clinics in Sydney, Melbourne where I live and even Thailand though Dr tavakoli has always made me feel really relaxed and in my consult he really knew what he needed to do to improve my breast area performing a lift and a breast augmentation with implants. I was really at ease because I didn’t feel afraid to ask questions or ask him to explain things to me. I also had the opportunity to speak to Jennifer, one of the staff who often liaises with Dr Tavakoli’s patients in regards to the procedure they’re having, which helped reassure me that I'm in the right hands. Less than a month to go!
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