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  1. @Cuddlybear I'm going to use Dr dona too next year. I've heard such great reviews about him! I have one boob quite a bit lower now, a lot like yours now, but I think your shape is better than mine ?I always wear bras I hate what they look like without one 2019 will be the year it's fixed, good luck with getting your revision when you're able to.
  2. They're a beautiful shape as others have posted, but I understand why them being uneven would bother you as mine are a bit like this too! Any ideas who you'll choose for a revision, if you get one done in the near future?
  3. Do you work in this industry?? Yes, there are some people who downsize but a lot more who want to upsize. The majority of patients who come in for consults for revisions where I work are asking to upsize! I don't think she's confused now, her surgeon has made the decision for her, hopefully he has her best interests at heart. A great deal of surgeons for women who undergo their first augmentation will choose a conservative size for the patient....were you aware of this?? The reason for this is that they're trying to minimise the chance of a complication occuring. They would also rather make you a little too small than too big for your first augmentation. I wanted to initially go 450cc but was only allowed 350cc for my first set of implants. I've gradually increased my size to 590cc. Eddy Dona in Sydney is one of the few exceptions to this rule, he's not conservative in sizing, even for first augmentations, you can go as big as you want. Maybe if you're not that familiar with the industry best not to comment? I speak to loads of women daily here in Brisbane about their implants and the ones that want to revise pretty much always want to go bigger, especially younger women! You have no experience about this so I wouldn't venture into a topic you know nothing about.
  4. Well I do Pilates, yoga, play tennis and netball and my 590cc's still don't get in my way - I have a very active lifestyle. I think we can just agree to disagree whether a 300cc implant can give 'nice fullness'. In my case I still needed padded bras to get any kind of fullness. I work in plastic surgery and I've actually never come across a patient that's found their implants to be too big, but plenty have come back for revisions because they feel they went too small, and all of these woman had 350cc or less as well. Anyway, the main thing is that this member achieves the result she desires ?
  5. This is a very long winded response! Don't agree with you at all. 300cc is actually quite a small sized implant and coming from experience most people who get this size initially want to go bigger asap. They're unhappy with their result. This was my first size of implant I've ever had and I'm tiny and no it didn't balance out my lower curvier backside at all Unless you start with a 'c/d' cup naturally you're not going to get "nice fullness" with that size of implant ! Without wearing a padded bra people didn't even know I had my boobs done I don't look shorter and thicker with my present 590ccs either so I really doubt a 500cc implant would make this person "look shorter and thicker" either. I think you need to be careful what you write because a lot of your information is inaccurate.
  6. If swelling is pushing on any external sutures or you are in a lot of pain or one breast is significantly warmer than the other I would ring/text/email your PS ASAP. In saying that, after my 3rd BA I had heaps of swelling and my left boob (the really swollen one) felt like it was on fire....I was really worried - it turned out to be nothing, I just had more internal work and sutures done on that side. So best to contact your PS and double-check....but it could be nothing too so don't worry
  7. You've gone with a very moderate sized implant, we have similar stats and I've got 590cc and mine are also quite small - definitely not big enough for my liking They will look better with time, don't worry too much, but yes, you can't change your anatomy so if you had a gap before your BA you will still have a gap after surgery... If you start with an A cup anything around or under 500cc, even 590cc, isn't going to result in really big boobs unfortunately....you wouldn't wake up "blown away" either...but give it time...you can always save up again and upgrade to a bigger size - that's what I'm currently doing Hope you feel better about them soon x
  8. Yes, this is what I will think will happen too I've seen some excellent results with internal bras - even after 10+ years...they're great at stopping implants descending... Hope your revision goes well x
  9. 400/450cc implants are really quite small in the grand scheme of things - I don't think you have anything to worry about Breast implants never look that "huge" until you reach the 700/800cc size...& even these can look quite moderate sized on some ladies! You have nothing to worry about, I have 590cc and mine are far from huge...I want to go bigger as I find them too small...lol... good luck x
  10. There's an Alana somebody (a regular forum member, from memory she has a tattoo on one of her breasts) who has expressed her happiness about her polyurethane implants on 100's of threads on this forum - you should try and contact her... There appears to be a lot more members that have had complications with these implants... Sticky implants can still bottom out once the coating dissolves in your body anyway...so it's really not going to prevent it from happening.....an internal bra will help a lot more....it is a great that you have found an Australian PS who is skilled at this...good luck
  11. You can't really ask your PS for a "very close cleavage" - it all depends on your natural anatomy, as your implants loosen up over the next 6 months and all the swelling goes away you'll notice that they will move a little closer together....the gap you have now won't change too dramatically I would think though, but it will close up a little more....my cleavage gap didn't change much after 6-8 weeks...you can always push your boobs closer together with bras anyway
  12. @sullengirl I agree all of my revisions I paid normal price because I wanted to upsize and/or change type of implants. If no surgical error no PS will do surgery for free...otherwise women would go for free upgrades constantly, I'd be at the front of the line every couple of years...
  13. If you wanted to see a "noticeable difference" I would go 200-250cc for this - depending on the size of your frame...anything under 200cc most people don't even notice, I did this I'm 590cc & want to go at least 800cc...hopefully 850cc, if it will fit
  14. I think breast implants have always made my waist look more defined and possibly made my body look slimmer overall...at least this is what I'm hoping ...they have definitely balanced out my frame!
  15. I only have 590s but I have no back pain I actually suffered with more back pain before my 1st set of implants at 18....in my 30s now I'm pain free - thank goodness... They don't feel heavy at all, but then there only 590cc, so I wouldn't expect them to feel weighty since they're only a moderate sized implant!
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