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    I think you look great - just about perfect size really. They were probably jealous because they are so darn perky haha ?
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    Emmabree reacted to WhingingPom in Does anyone regret having their BA?   
    1. Dress no bra four weeks post-revision.

    2.  Dress no bra pre-revision.

    3. Pre-revision.  According to these doctors..
    Dr James Trott (my original surgeon): "not perfect but don't think there's anything more we can do (after three surgeries)".  Then sends a letter to my GP stating I accept liability for my poor results because of my "pre-existing deformities" which was an outright lie!
    Dr Rodney Cooter:  "Dr Trott's tried his best, I think he's done a good job, best to leave them as they are".
    Dr Nicholas Marshall: "I can't see the difference, I think they look great, you'll just have to put up with the pain".
    Dr Tony Moore: "Jim (Dr Trott)'s done a great job, he's a fine surgeon, I would leave them be, but if you want a revision why not see Dr Trott for one.  Also, if you want to look even, put a chicken fillet in the good breast".
    Dr Hamish Farrow: "The difference is negligible, and you have one good breast, it would be a shame to make them both worse trying to improve them.  I don't think they can be fixed"  (This is supposedly Australia's leading revisionary breast surgeon).
    I finally showed this pic to some girlfriends yesterday (I always used padded bras to even them out).  They were all shocked, and said "I couldn't believe you were that wonky".  And they are just average people, not plastic surgeons with a supposed eye to detail...

    4. Five weeks post revision.  Not perfect, and lefty is still a little high and swollen, but I do feel a massive improvement.  But even the "good" breast (the right one) actually needed a capsulorraphy.

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