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  1. I still get some leaking and it's been 4 years since I've BF! No implants yet though so quietly worrying if the surgery will get things going again :/
  2. A friend of mine had a jaw reconstruction. It made a huge difference in her looks and also her speech! Also helped with teeth which were very overcrowded. PS I know you said non surgical but thought I'd share that anyhow
  3. My dad has joked for years that when mum carks it, he will go get a mail order bride. I really dont think he is joking because he has had friends that have done it so has seen how it works. One is a feral (really is revolting actually) that has had several overseas wives over the years because they end up leaving him. I remember one of them was just a beautiful lady that babysat me a few times. Another one of his friends was in his 60's and had a very young wife who I think was in her 20's but I was 15 when I met her so I can't be sure. He's long passed away and I know she looked after him
  4. I had my armpits and bikini done a couple of years ago. 10 sessions and it worked well because my bits were bald but because i thought the follow up sessions were a rort i didnt go back and now have some patchy regrowth that i need to get seen to. I really wish the operators I saw would emphasise the fact that it could grow back and the need for regular follow up treatments. I have very fair skin and dark brown hair which is supposed to be ideal. I have issues with itching pits when I get sweaty (working out or nervous ) which really bothers me considering I had it done because I was sick
  5. It makes a huge difference wearing something slightly fitted instead of baggy and oversized and having your hair brushed into a neat ponytail. I don't think you need to go to extremes every day but it helps to take a little time I'm usually rocking the sloppy trackies myself lol but I have some nice gym gear that I should reach for in the mornings a bit more often. I see so many people come through the checkout at work a few times a week and the difference in their appearance can be huge. I always compliment them if they look nice because I think sometimes people need that.
  6. Ouch. They look ready to rip off under her armpit.
  7. I don't get twitter. Have tried but find its just a time stealing black hole. FB is bad enough and I am somewhat bemused at what people share or what they say about other people or businesses. There is a group in my area set up to praise and shame people and business which is a libel lawyers paradise!
  8. I don't believe in controlled crying after I tried it with my first baby. It was seriously the most gut wrenching torture for both my son and for myself. Some babies need to be tended to more often than others. I had two that were shockers and they got better eventually (one at 10 weeks and the other at 14 weeks). I learned to cope better myself with less sleep too and power naps on the couch helped immensely. Sleep issues are a drop in the ocean compared to what you may need to deal with as they get bigger. Cuddle and enjoy your baby because you will never get that precious time ba
  9. This forum is great! I get that it might feel you've been over looked if your post isn't answered though but there are better ways to bump it than calling the members snobs! It's actually a LOT more active than when I first joined I reckon too.
  10. I think it's being realistic to consider the possibility of having them removed in the future. Not so long ago there was a thread from someone who just didn't like her new boobs and had them explanted.
  11. Going off the pill has made my skin go ballistic. We were going to try for a baby as soon as we got married so I stopped taking the pill a few months before and it broke out so bad that I had to go back on it next cycle (couldn't have a zitty chest and back on my wedding day!). When I went off it again post wedding it broke out again and I had issues when we tried for our other babies too.
  12. Big hugs! I went on a 4 day girls weekend when my youngest was 16 months old. I know how you feel about leaving them, but let me tell you it will be amazing when you go home. Lots of love and cuddles for you Well gentle cuddles in your case!
  13. Never shop at that Woollies again! OMG what a dead set pain in the arse! People that leave their kids in the car to go shopping are idiots. I think there should be a bit of leeway at the petrol station though. The bastards got rid of pay at the pump bowsers to force us to go into the shop and be harassed to buy their over priced crap. Taking kids in there is a freaking nightmare and I'd tell anyone to rack off if they suggested I was a bad parent for leaving mine in the car while I paid. If anything, the odds of something happening to the child left in the car would be less than them
  14. I have issues with my MIL also. She is a narcissistic manipulative cow. I'm sorry she hacked into someone else's FB and then read your messages. That act in itself speaks volumes on the type of person she is. she should be ashamed at herself but i bet she isnt and has fully launched into the victim role. I'm sure she is expecting grovelling apologies!Personally I wouldn't speak to her on the phone, rather write an email and take the time to say what you want to say to her. Don't apologise for your words, but perhaps explain why you said them using examples of what she said that prompted you
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