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  1. Hi The Fox, I am thinking of getting my 560 HP round under the muscle implants removed as I used to want in my breast appearance is t what I want anymore. I was a B cup and now F cup, and I had my surgery 2.5yrs ago. I know when I got my BA my breast crease was lowered to make room for underboob (if that makes sense), I was wondering if you had the same lowering of breast crease and if it went back to how it was before your BA? I am really unsure about what to do but just researching and weighing up info for now, going to call my PS Monday. Thank you.
  2. I got big implants 560s and found it supportive enough but that said everyone is different ? I agree with the other girls wear something comfy and that you feel is supportive. I think the idea of the LJs is just for the swelling, hope you find some good alternative crops. I got some from Trade Secret after my 1 week check up xx
  3. I'm 4 months post op tomorrow and LOVE my new boobs, Dr R is amazing and I've had a great experience. My recovery was easy, probably luck more than anything but it's honestly been great. I got 560 HP textured round unders and they're perfection ?? my scars are great, unnoticeable. But I have soooo many stretch marks, I don't really kind they will fade but I never bothered the moisturise ?
  4. I've just read through this thread Could you go dual plane rounds to softened the top of the implant? Or like those girls said speak to your PS about other brands they can use to provide a bigger implant and smaller width. Good luck!
  5. Yep book your date! There is no booking fee like Harper said May as well get the date you want
  6. I've got 560s and I loooooooooove them! They suit my frame well and are great! My experience has been fantastic from booking my consult to right this second. The team is wonderful and I'm so happy with my results!
  7. Wow that bruising is intense! My bruises are sloooooowly fading they don't bother me too much though.
  8. Yes ?? HE IS AMAZING! Had my boobs done last Monday and I'm so happy with my experience from booking my consult to where I am now. I cannot recommend him enough! @Katemav26 went through him too
  9. I had a consult with Dr Harwood in December 2015 he is kind, very informative and explains everything. At the time the cost was $9750 with twilight anaesthetic or $12500 with general anaesthetic. I have a friend who went through him and they were really happy with their results. Keep in mind he is a cosmetic surgeon and predominantly uses Brazilian implants (he does use other types as well). I'd recommend doing your general research, seeing Dr Harwood and then seeing another surgeon too for a second opinion. Dr Harwood's consults are free. If you've breastfed you may need a lift, he isn't able to do that and will refer you to a plastic surgeon if that is the case. For a second opinion I'd highly recommend Dr Phil Richardson from Brisbane Plastic Surgery. I had my boobs done last Monday and I'm so happy ?? $9k for a plastic surgeon and general anaesthetic 560cc HP textured round under the muscle implants. My whole experience has been great. Good luck on your journey, PM me if you need more info x
  10. I had prune juice and WOW it works ? $3 at woollies. I didn't have any morning boob or much pain I've been really lucky! If you're having endone take Panadol with it, it makes a huge difference and like I'm sure you're already doing keep up with pain meds every 6 hrs. I've been driving since day 3 PO short distances and today is day 7 and I drove 45mins into the valley for my post op appointment. Listen to your body and try to keep moving around even just around the house. Good luck!
  11. What size you can go depends on your existing anatomy ie shape of your chest and how wide your chest is and then your surgeon can recommend what is best for the results you want. Providing your body can accommodate a larger implant (chest width) you can go for a larger implant. I just had my first BA with 560 HP rounds. You can get a larger cc implant in XHP as the base of the implant is smaller. Check out Dr Eddy Dona's Facebook videos ???? So educational! My surgeon was Dr Richardson in Brisbane who I love and highly recommend
  12. Yep I think so ? My anaesthetist said it would help a lot with the swelling.
  13. If you can afford it I highly recommend Dr Richardson he is $8990. I had my surgery with him 5 days ago and I'm soooooo impressed with my experience this far. My boobs are looking great and I know a few other people that have been to him and have great results too. Definitely worth looking into
  14. I've got Celebrex as an anti inflammatory I have one last one to take tonight and then I've fi shied the course of them. I have my 1 week follow up appointment on Monday ? I'm not sure how to privately upload albums? I'll have a look today, I've been taking photos everyday ? I'm obsessed
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