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  1. Thank you yes I have contacted some plastic surgeons who specialise in revision surgery, and will hopefully get some advice from surgeons on here. I just found it strange that this could happen 4 years later ..... I went under the muscle as this was advised due to my shape, size and amount of breast tissue to work with. I had been weight training for many years prior to surgery, and 90% of girls I know who lift also had them done under the muscle with no problems, but I wonder if now that was a bad call. The worst part is the stress it is causing , as I can feel it ache all the time and constantly checking it, and now scared to train in case I make it worse ?
  2. I read the chances of CC so long after surgery is less than 2% considering I have Brazilian under the muscle. I have sent emails and photos to my surgeon in Thailand. Yes after 6 months it seemed to correct itself. No problems for the past couple of years, until recently, in the last 6 months.... Thinking it has turned ? I have contacted several cosmetic surgeries In Australia and waiting in replies. I thought I had posted in q and a but will resend pics there, is that where surgeons are on the forum ?
  3. Hi I had surgery in 2011 and all was well until the last 6 months where I definitely feel like my left implant has moved. I'm now getting frequent aches and burning sensation in the left boob. Visually I can see it it larger, fuller and tighter than the right one. Most noticeable is when I flex my right pec lifts easily and my left doesn't move, . To me it is pulling away towards the arm. The left has always been slightly bigger which I'm told is normal, . 6 months post op I contacted the surgeon thinking it was bottoming out and was assured it would be OK, and to exercise it and wear supportive bras. I did this and it seemed fine for the last couple of years. I am a competitive figure body builder and it feels increasingly uncomfortable to train / lift weights. Is replacing the implant the only solution or can it be fixed without surgery ? I can't afford to go back to Thailand . You can see in photos the left is sitting lower and pulling out to the side
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