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  1. My kids all know...to different degrees I guess. I have 2 older sons, 21 and 18, so there was no lying to them. They are a little grosed out by the idea that I got a boob job! lol. My 10yo son knows and so do my 7 and 5 yo girls. The youngest just says Mummy had a dream she got big boobies and when she woke up she did! It's kinda true I guess, so why change it on her
  2. OK appt for GP tomorrow and PS on Friday
  3. Yes that was one of the first things I looked up, but they say they are near the incisions and mine is up towards my arm pit. Also those ones are visible, you can't see anything on my breast. Thanks ladies. Will def give both Dr's a call and make an appt.
  4. Nic, last time I saw the surgeon was a month post op, when I saw him then it was a wait and see kinda thing, still relatively close after surgery and all. (ps, enough with the dinosaur girl! we've earned new boobs!) GussyGirl, that was my thought too. I don't think it's anything like a breast cancer etc, just something that isn't usually there.
  5. Hey ladies, hoping for a little insight. I had my BA nearly 4 months ago, I've had issues with my left side not dropping as it should properly etc. Anyways all that aside, today I was in the shower washing my boobs...as you do and I felt a lump on the outer left breast about 3 finger widths down from my armpit. My implants are under the muscle so this lump is obviously in my own tissue. It is tender to touch, feels almost like a vein (?) I am due for my period in 5 days so my breasts are usually tender and a little lumpy before hand but this feels a bit different. So just wondering if any of you have experienced anything like this? I plan on calling my surgeon tomorrow to make an appt and hopefully get to see him soon.
  6. My left just doesn't seem to be changing. Hasn't changed much really since the early days (post swelling) I've noticed that it's quiet tight too, right side I can move in towards the centre of my chest just fine, left side though it's tight in the centre, quiet restricted. Hoping it's not Capsular contracture! Size wise I don't think I've changed at all since the beginning either.
  7. I don't have another appt until May, so 6 months post op. Yeah I've been thinking about giving him a call to make an appt to go in and see him. Thanks ladies.
  8. Hey ladies, thought I'd resurrect this thread! How have you all been? How are the twins going? Settled nicely with no issues I hope. Mine are doing pretty good only I am still having issues with my left side not settled as well as I would have liked it to Still very squared off. Anyways, thought I'd pop in and say hi as I'm not on here that often anymore. Hope your Christmas nice and new year is a great one!
  9. My husband explained it to me as silicon itself is very cold, and yes as it is foreign in our bodies and no blood is flowing through them as such they don't heat up. Freaky though hey. I just got home from the gym and was boiling hot, yet my boobs were so cold (still sweaty though!!)
  10. OMG tell me about it! Boob sweat galore!! I think it's just something that happens with bigger boobs. I know I was more sweaty there when I was BF and had bigger boobs too. (OT, are your boobs cold to touch? Mine are always so cold at the bottom of them)
  11. As the title says I am 3 months post op, I have always had "issues" with my left breast not rounding out as much as the right since surgery was done. I just put it down to different healing rates each side etc. Anyways, while it's not noticeable in clothing, naked I can really see the difference. My left breast from the nipple down is kind of flat or squarish. It's definitely not rounded like the right side. (think square like frankenboob in the early days post op). Both breasts are soft and squishy now and otherwise are pretty settled. I'm worried that it might bottom out as it's not coming out in front or that there might be another issue. Any advice? (have put a couple of pics up for those that are on my friends list, kinda hard to clearly capture in a pic though) Thanks ladies
  12. Thanks Mrs-B, must be good, even the spammers seem to like it! lol. So many are tough behind a computer screen aren't they. I could care less about her though, even her own daughters say if their boobs got like hers they'd have a reduction! (a huge life of their own, but also very saggy)
  13. Don't be sorry! Thanks for all of that. I do have one I think that sits flat, it's from Target, a balconette one, Oh the purple and white one in my pics. That one fits great. Def a size 12, anything smaller chokes me, esp given the 3 kgs I've put on since my BA!! Really need to get my butt back to the gym. No excuses now. I haven't gotten to a boutique just yet, was planning on waiting til around 2 months post op, maybe even the 3 month mark so that way I know they've settled that bit more and I won't mind spending that $80 on a bra.
  14. Thought I'd come back and update this thread after having my one month post op appt @ 6 weeks. All went well and my boobs are settling in pretty good. My left side still hasn't dropped as much as the right though, but it is slowly getting there. It still looks flat on the top and front of it. Dr said it could take up to 3 months to settle in properly. My scars are doing well, have healed nicely. I use rosehip oil on them twice a day. I can lay on my front reasonably comfortably now so that's good. Have also been given the go ahead to get underwire bras, good thing that seeing as I've been wearing them since 1 month post op. I am struggling to find bras that the middle of the underwires sit flat on my chest though. I'm yet to find one that does. Hubby thinks it's perhaps because augmented boobs sit differently to natural boobs? Not sure, the girl at BnT said it was because I was "fuller busted" and as long as it wasn't cutting in anywhere etc I'd be ok in them. Anyways, I have uploaded some more pics from today, pretty much 7 weeks post op.
  15. Minxiet, I had a lot of side boob to start with for a while too. So much so that I could hardly put my arms straight at my side. Now 6 weeks out they have dropped and the side boob has settled right down.
  16. Funny how different it is for everyone. I have very little numbness at all. Right from straight after I've not really had the numbness! Nipple sensation has always been there, they just feel different now.
  17. So will you hun, I know it's hard, just be patient, all too soon your boobs will be out there! And congrats!!
  18. Don't even think about measuring yourself again anytime soon! lol. I made the same mistake and was measuring a 14B! (I get the 14 as I was sooooo swollen) but there is no way I was a B cup. 3 weeks later when I went and got fitted I measured a 12DD.
  19. Hi Laura, originally I was planning on going over seas and sent my pics there for the surgeons to look at. Most of them said I required a lift. I saw a surgeon here, the one I decided to go with and no lift was required at all. We did think I "might" need a nipple lift but it wasn't needed at all. I think it also depends on the size of your implants and placement as they can lift your boob up a bit as well - and of course the amount of sag you have.
  20. I used a CC as well. Only we applied for a new one that offered 6 months interest free on purchases. So I have 6 months without any interest on it at all. I think once the 6 months are up it's around 19% (I can't remember) but as I am expecting some family money through very soon I will pay the card off outright then.
  21. My headlights are always bloody on. Hoping that settles down! Kitteh, glad I'm not alone then
  22. Honestly, I spend so many years in maternity bras, and they really are comfy! (ok, that is sad)
  23. LOL at your maternity bra! Atleast those are comfy! I wear Ahh bra's to bed, and still wear my "complete comfort" (that isn't!) wirefree a lot too. A bit better now I have band extenders on it.
  24. Another great one is http://www.brastogo.com.au, which is the site for Big girls don't cry anymore. They do from a size 6 up to a cup K!
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