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  1. I've lost 50+kg. I lost 40 kg and kept off for a year and just been working out more loosing more weight. But gaining more skin. I'm a male so I won't need to worry about the abdominalplasty post pregnancy haha! Hopefully the surgeon will be able to do some through Medicare. I've decided to not sign up for health cover just yet as I do not want to wait 12months to get the surgery. Does anyone know around how much Medicare could cover?
  2. My GP said it is medically necessary. So I'm hoping I can get something covered. Fingers crossed
  3. So I've finally booked my consultation in early feb. has anyone gone to Dr Drielsma or know anyone who has or any feedback? Also I'm not in a health fund and wondering how long I would have to wait to have the surgery done if I join one thanks
  4. Hey All 21 aged male, I have lost 53kg. I workout 6 days a week. I have been left with a good amount of excess skin. It's not noticeable wearing clothing but with nothing on it does hang a bit or when I bend over it does come out a fair bit. I don't know wether having a tummy tuck will help as loosing 53kg I thought by now I'd be comfortable with my body and be able to walk around shirtless right? But having the excess skin is quite a downer. My personal trainer says because I'm still young it may go away on its own with the skins elasticity but I'm not sure. Has anyone got any experience with this or know someone with a similar problem to mine? Thanks in advance
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