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  1. Agree depends on anatomy, I have unders and my gap is pretty much the same as your pic.
  2. Agree! I haven't been measured properly but found a berlei in 12 DD that fits perfectly it not pretty, very comfy and very practical but it's the only bra I have found in a 12 DD it's either so common they have all sold out or not many company's make them pretty !!!! Also read for round boobs the balconette style is good!
  3. Same Size..... But if PS said he only had 450's I wouldn't be upset
  4. I agree Shannon is great, she remembered a coversation we had had first meeting and has asked about my daughter, so lovely! I had to change to seeing Dr Norris at Norwest because my work shifts changed and saw Shannon and was so relieved to see a familiar face. Dr Norris is so lovely, a perfectionist , I am very happy with the care and sincerity of all the staff
  5. Fantastic, so happy with the result scars are good, and the after care is fab! Highly recommended.
  6. Had my 6 week check up today, even though I am 7 weeks and have had the go ahead to wear what ever I like and no bra at night soooo pleased! Went off to Myer sale and tried on a few bras....the Berlei 12DD fits perfectly!!!!! Can't wait to do more shopping!
  7. Wow looks great at just 3 weeks! Looking good!
  8. I think you might be right, at all my post op visits my PS has asked me to put my hands on my hips and bring elbows forward to check " animation "
  9. Been thinking of you too Huck, how are you doing?
  10. Not peeling, teeny bit itchy... But mainly when hot. My skin i s red whether I wear it 12 or 24 hours but worse at 24... It's just that I can see the difference it makes in the scars so trying to wear it as long as possible but take it off when I am sweating heaps like when I go walking and if it's a hot night...
  11. Hi, I am on siltape and getting a reaction:( so only wearing 12 hours a day.
  12. Had to check out the Hello Molly website! Tx for mentioning it they have awesome dresses
  13. I'm 39, wanted to get mine done as my before 40 bucket list! Best thing ever
  14. Hey! No mine were only a cm apart, I asked for a gap. I am hoping they don't squish in more Got to take the girls out last night hubby posted this image ( with my face of course) and my @&$&$ boss posted " hmmm you look different ?" anyway had a great day and later changed into a dress and went braless!
  15. I am in childcare and have been advised not to lift 5-10 kilos and more... It's been a struggle but ok. I had unders might be different with overs???
  16. Hi Kate82 and New_boobiesI have the same stats as New_boobies I went with 415 unders (dual plane) and they are perfect for me. You can friend request if you like, I need to put more pics up though
  17. Nearly 6 weeks so going to spend a night in the city with hubby and I have bought a stunning sexy dress which of course I would be going bra less!
  18. Looking amazing peeps! Sooo first night out with our friends and one says loudly how the boobs N I am like shhhh k doesn't know ... K pipes up... Oh I know ! I am oh really are they that noticeable? They all say "YEAH" omg I could have melted....so it's out .... ?
  19. Hi Ayesha79, I had to wear mine for 2 weeks. Make sure its on properly - the first week mine was a tad low and SO uncomfy, once was shown to put it properly it was more comfy, although had to wear higher neck shirts to hide it in public!
  20. Not really I tried but it just came out after I rubbed it .. Can feel a few under the skin but I am only 4 weeks today so they will go
  21. So tried to see if I could pull it out myself, tried once or twice couldn't get the grip on my tweezers so gave up, gave it a little rub and it came out on its own very easily .... So relieved!
  22. Oh right ok. No I was going to call on Monday. Might go to the GP and get them to snip it
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