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  1. Hi cm45, naturally everyone is different although what I can tell you is that my health is in great condition - the nurse said all of checks prior to going under were perfect (blood pressure, heart beats per minute etc) and I am really struggling. I think the first few days are the worst with this binder on and then after that it should just get better and better. I'm not sure if overs or unders hurt more. Wish you luck!
  2. Oh yes!!! Endone has become my best friend!! There have certainly been lots of tears, which just hurts the chest even more! Thank you for your kind words x
  3. Hi ladies! I'm finally feeling good enough to write a post!! Unfortunately my recovery has been horrible I haven't been able to do ANYTHING by myself. I haven't slept, my back feels like it's broken (from how much I've been relying on it) this binder is SO DAMN TIGHT AHHHHHH. I get to take it off tomorrow so I'm super excited !!! Ended up with 410cc high profile tear drops under the muscle and he said even that was a tight squeeze! I'm about 170cm and 60kgs. My PS said I should get to about a D cup (started with A). Super happy with how everything went at the hospital, was a little scared of the GA but it seriously is over in 2 seconds (literally I counted to 2) and then I woke up get to see my chest tomorrow yay!!!!!!!!
  4. Incredibly tight!!!!!!!! But fairly normal! Not drowsy at all! Had some light food, took an endone and now watching tv it really is over in a second! I have a binder on so won't see my chest for 3 days but I'm super happy with how everything went !!!!
  5. Ladies IM HOME!!!!!!!!!! Surgery went well
  6. Hahaha I can't watch the videos either, they scare me to death!!!! I'm pretty scared of needles so when I get there I'm just going to look at the ceiling the whole time! Hope it passes by quickly! The nurses said there's a lot to go through so I have anxiety about that too x
  7. Thank you so much ladies! I'm really nervous I can't stop crying lol! It's crazy how emotional you get !!
  8. I have surgery tomorrow ladies! Wish me luck
  9. Can't wait !!!! Any tips ladies? I'm sooooo excited!! 12:30pm for me!! Can't wait to wake up and have boobies ?? 445cc high profile tear drops
  10. Button up day dress from cotton on $35 in store.. And plain black thongs from K mart for $2 Excited !!!!!!!!
  11. About 2 weeks for you itty ! Mine is a week from today ? Bring on Monday!! It might just start to be my favourite day of the week haha
  12. LADIES! Tomorrow is March!!! It's our month!!
  13. Thanks ladies! My surgeon confirmed the 445cc today bring on Monday
  14. Hi ladies, I have my surgery in a week from today and am starting as a slightly tuberous 10A. I am getting 415cc or (445cc hopefully) high profile tear drops, under the muscle. Does anyone know if this will take me to a DD? The surgeon has said that 415cc will most likely take me to a D cup. I have contacted him again enquiring about 445cc - 500cc possibility on me and am waiting on a response!
  15. Hang in there Lolajane, I too agree that everything is fixable!! Wishing you the best luck in the world xxx
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