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  1. Hi girls, I had 2 babies then had augmentation and went on to have 2 more following this. I wasn't waiting, my breasts were like empty socks after feeding our second child (10A). In 2008 I had 325cc implants (under the muscle) put in and they remained fab throughout the 3rd and 4th pregnancy and I was able to breast feed both babies for 12 months without any problems at all. I have this year, had revision breast surgery taking out the old implants and replacing them with a bigger size 500cc. This is because I wanted bigger. I didn't wait, but everyone is different. I got a great 8 years out of the first set and immediate confidence boost was so worth it. Good luck
  2. I think most surgeons at your consult will be able to show you 'like-shaped' photos. If you create a topic with your stats - I am sure there's heaps of lovely ladies similar size to you to share their pics.
  3. If it doesn't feel right I would also cancel.
  4. I believe swelling following a rhino can hang around for up to 12 months. May be it is too early to tell - I hope so for you anyway. Good luck
  5. Hi there Jsketz, I went with Richard Rahdon at Body Recon, he was fabulous. I had done so much research I thought I knew what I wanted (anatomical 400'ish). However, after seeing me he explained I would be best with round under the muscle and he actually suggested a larger implant. I was a little concerned as I am quite sporty and didnt want the 'augment' look. However, I could not be happier - he has picked perfect implant size and shape for my sporty body and they look amazing. He is the Boobgod! Good luck girl.
  6. Everyone is different. I had submuscular augment and returned to work 4 days post op. It was only sneezing and coughing that made me grab my chest. Sure a little tight in the chest, and restricted arm movement but that helped remind me to take it a little easy. I routinely took my pain meds, which I am sure masked any pain I had but managed just fine. Day 3 was probably most painful, but I would have still said only 3/10. Good luck.
  7. I recommend Richard Rahdon. He is great and does mainly breast surgery. He is so popular though, I think he is booked out for a while but give his rooms a call and let them know when you are planning surgery and they will happily work within your timeframe if they can. Have a look at my pics. Rahdon is awesome - he's the boobgod!
  8. My friend has had her Rhinoplasty done by Richard Rahdon. She looks gorgeous and so happy. Have you looked at Body Recon website - Richard has done Dale Vines' (from Channel 9) theres a great video about it on his website.
  9. I can no longer sleep on my tummy, post augment, it seems to put pressure on my lower back. perhaps due to the size of the implants, that don't squash.. It took ages, but I am now comfy side sleeping. You'll be fine.
  10. I recommend Richard Rahdon, from Body Recon who is in Geelong, a little out of melb, but worth the drive. Good Luck
  11. Ruptures and contractures can be seen on ultrasound. This helps the PS plan the surgery prior. I was unaware of my rupture, I had no pain and absolutely no symptoms at all of this. The shape was a little off - thats why I was having removal and replacement.
  12. I highly recommend a trip down the road ladies to Geelong and see Richard Rahdon at Body Recon. He is absolutely fabulous, from my first appointment I felt at ease. I told him what I wanted and he told me what he believed would look best for my body shape - in the end, I left it up to him and he has not disappointed me. My boobs are GREAT! I am now 5 weeks post op and can't wait for some warmer weather to show these babies off! Good luck in your search.
  13. Yep mine are also 500cc round unders, and they look fantastic. Look back through my profile and you will find my before and afters. I was advised against the anatomical because of the rotation aspect also. Very very natural. Good luck
  14. How good are these puppies? 500cc high profile round implants submuscular. Thanks Richard Rahdon @ Body Recon. I love them!
  15. I read somewhere on this forum some time ago that you should avoid upper body weights for up to 6 months.. I am not sure I will be so compliant, I am only 13 days post op and cant wait to get back to the gym. Keep us informed
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