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    Jade01 reacted to MaisieF in Bra shopping is STILL traumatic!!   
    I have their infinite possibilities plunge bra which is quite comfy. 
    Im also in the same boat and struggle with bra shopping. I've been having serious discussions with hubby about starting a business designing, manufacturing & selling bras for those with implants...
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    Jade01 got a reaction from Needboobs in Febuary Ladies 2016 - roll call :)   
    @SRose7 hearing your updates makes me so excited for my surgery next Thursday with Dr Rahdon. Omg I can't believe it's next week! Please keep up posted xxx
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    Jade01 reacted to MaisieF in Sleeping propped up   
    Exactly. I slept propped up for months, but only because of the pain in sleeping flat (my morning boob was horrendous).
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    Jade01 reacted to ab1990 in Sleeping propped up   
    I was back to one firm pillow by week 2-3 so you'll be fine. Try it and it if you don't feel comfortable add some more pillows until you are ready to try again.
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    Jade01 reacted to Shinylicious in Breast asymmetry Dr Richard Rahdon Geelong   
    Thanks so much I've been doing some researching on here for Richard and can't wait for my consultation also i called their practice to ask a couple more questions and DI the receptionist on the phone was extremely helpful and lovely  
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    Jade01 got a reaction from love and glitter xo in Melbourne surgeons! Dr Rubinstein, dr rahdon?   
    Don't know much about dr rubenstein but the number of girls on this forum that have seen dr Rahdon is growing. I have had surgery with him and he is a complete perfectionist! Would highly recommend him! 
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    Jade01 reacted to pink butterfly in Breast numbness   
    My surgeon said it can take up to 12 months or so for the nerves to regenerate. I found for myself that it took between 4 to 9 months post op to get a lot of feeling back. I am now 17 months post op and have all my feeling there.
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    Jade01 reacted to Jugs in Breast sensation   
    I had no sensation in the bottom half of both breasts after my BA. From the nipple, everywhere underneath was so strange - like pins and needles and numbness. I'm over three months now and have all my sensation. That being said I don't really enjoy my nipples being touched anymore, I think they're over sensitive. I had dual plane placement if that helps you get a bit of an idea. 
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    Jade01 reacted to BA-finally in Breast sensation   
    Try not to stress I'm so used to my righty being numb I don't even notice any more lol
    i actually felt a tiny bit of sensation in the nipple itself yesterday I was a tad excited lol
    i know where you're coming from though it's daunting to think it might stay that way but I'm pretty sure that fairly rare to stay numb
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    Jade01 got a reaction from BA-finally in Breast sensation   
    Thanks @BA-finally! That's so good to hear! That's exactly how id describe mine. Around the size of my palm! 
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    Jade01 reacted to JustRight4Me in Breast sensation   
    Totally. My left nipple almost stung with touch whereas my right felt a touch tender like PMS. I did worry a little but before I knew it, they both settled. I have to remind myself that I might notice things progressing differently later. So far they've been reasonably in tune with each other  
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    Jade01 reacted to BA-finally in Breast sensation   
    I'm pretty sure it can take up to 12 months, my right nipple is still numb 7 months on but the area seems to get smaller and smaller as time goes on I used to have a patch about the size of my palm that was numb now it's just the nipple
    i wouldn't stress ?
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    Jade01 reacted to JustRight4Me in Breast sensation   
    Way too early My nipples were really tender/sore/sensitive and my lower pole area quite numb but a week later, it's pretty much resolved. The nerves need to sort themselves out. If you're still not feeling right after 2/3 months, I'd check in with your PS.
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    Jade01 reacted to donatella in push up bra post BA   
    Big W too a UK model has a range there all larger sizes to G and cheap! I have the leopard print one it's very va voom
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    Jade01 got a reaction from love and glitter xo in looking to hear some experiences from DR Radon girls?   
    Oh my gosh! I am so sorry! I got so frustrated that it wouldn't let me tag I gave up ? My apologies x
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    Jade01 reacted to love and glitter xo in looking to hear some experiences from DR Radon girls?   
    You forgot me jadeee! :'(
    Very very happy with surgery, professionalism, results, team (Di and Adele are very very lovely, as was anesthesiologist Dr mark) and overall experience. Best PS ever  
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    Jade01 got a reaction from love and glitter xo in looking to hear some experiences from DR Radon girls?   
    Dr Rahdon is aaaaaaamazing! So lovely and extremely professional! He and his team, in particular - Di, are the absolute best! I was a slightly more difficult case as a tuberous patient but am so happy with my results! I am just over 2 weeks post-op and feel so supported pre and post op. 
    i can't tag them for some stupid reason but I know JennaB89 and I think Geek are Dr Rahdon girls. Just do a search for "Dr Rahdon" and you'll see plenty of reviews on him. 
    Any questions, please feel free to pm me xx
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    Jade01 reacted to love and glitter xo in Bra Shopping   
    Yes! There is no bra in the world that fits better than a Playboy and it's always the same size whatever the style. The same goes with my pre-op boobies. Only playboy got my abnormally small fitted size right down to a tee and other bras never ever got it right! They definitley understand fake and natural boobies! And there's ALWAYS a playboy bra on sale 
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    Jade01 reacted to overthinkingit in Bra Shopping   
    Bras n things online and zodee will both have your size. I agree with @love and glitter xo most of mine a playboy because they fit well and I have been able to get a heap on sale online from bras n things. 
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    Jade01 reacted to love and glitter xo in Bra Shopping   
    I looove bras n things and their playboy range for nice lingerie - you will die! 
    The bras n things complete comfort is their best selling everyday tshirt bra. It's big and bulky so can't wear with singlets but great for workwear. It's also got removable wire  
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    Jade01 reacted to misstons in Breast sensation   
    I haven't felt the bottom of my right boob for 18 months now, I ain't worried. 
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    Jade01 reacted to Holly in Breast sensation   
    I went in through the armpits so lost sensation in the top inside section of my arms. It took a while but sensation did come back eventually. try not to worry too early on  
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    Jade01 reacted to Smacc in Breast sensation   
    The numbness in mine is driving me crazy haha. My right is also different to my left. I'm sure it will subside soon  
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    Jade01 reacted to RH4K in Breast sensation   
    I had numbness in one nipple and horrible sensitivity in the other. Now at 9 months post op the highly sensitive one is much better (although still a bit sensitive to touch) and the numb one has feeling back but is very sensitive to the touch on the nipple and aerola. Who knows if they'll ever feel completely normal again.
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    Jade01 reacted to misspedantic in Breast sensation   
    I think the bigger you go the higher the chance you'll lose sensation. Most of the time it should come back but can take 6-12 months. I started flat and I got 330 and 380. I got sensation back in all areas both of my breast besides the lower half at week 3-4.
    I'm at week 7 and nipples are still hypersensitive.
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