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  1. Hi ladies, Just wondering if anyone has experienced anatomical implants rotating and what you did about it? I suspected my right side to be rotating quite early on, about 4 week mark but thought it could just be part of the whole d&f process so I waited. I'm now 9 months PO, and looking at my pics I'm quite certain it's rotated and sitting diagonally. It's not hugely obvious but it does bother me.
  2. Hey ladies, just wanted to know: I'm 10 weeks PO at the moment so I should be underway with scar massage daily, right? I've watched a lot of scar massage vids however find it hard to gauge how much firmness should be applied. When I press on my incisions, they feel very sensitive and sometimes twinges of pain. The next day my incision becomes itchy and a little more painful to massage. (that being said, it is not a huge amount of pain.) Am I pressing too hard, or is this just the normal process of breaking down scar tissue + rehealing? Thanks
  3. holy cow they look amazing!! you must be stoked with results like that. I'm 10 weeks PO and found that my left boob suddenly 'grew' bigger in the past week or two and is now bigger than my right side.. haha.. now waiting for my right to catch up. I guess they do get bigger to an extent as your skin and muscle will stretch and relax which in turn will also make the implant softer
  4. My surgeon told me after 6 weeks I could do anything I wanted. Am currently 9 weeks PO now, I wasn't game enough to train upper body at 6 weeks but I definitely am now. I do mostly free weights at the same weight as pre-op HOWEVER there are things I strictly avoid and those are push ups, bench press, flies, lat pull downs, pull/chin ups, and tricep dips. I.e. anything that is horizontal pushing or vertical pulling because they either directly or indirectly target the chest. No pain, just very uncomfortable and especially since i have teardrops, I'm very wary of rotation. Really hoping that later down the track it will get better. I don't mind ever training chest again (hehe) but alot of tricep exercises I realise will indirectly utilise chest and that kinda bugs me
  5. Yeah they recommended me teardrops as well, pretty sure they recommend it to everyone. After all, it is their 'surgical team' (who you do not even know or if they even have credentials) who analyses your photos, not your actual surgeon. When I saw my surgeon, he said that honestly either would be fine and left the decision up to me. You don't confirm your implant type until actually seeing your surgeon. Don't let cosmeditour sway you. I did end up getting teardrops because I liked how they looked and surgeon said I would have a more natural look + less chance of rippling. If you have a good surgeon, you do not need to worry about rotation
  6. We have pretty much the same stats, I'm 160cm 48kg too however have lost a bit muscle mass post-op (I was about 49-50kg before). 480cc sounds quite big, especially as you are not a large person. But then again it depends on your body as everyone is different, even if we're the same height/weight, and also depends on the look you're going for. I have 295cc teardrops, started as AA cup (basically flat) and am now around a C cup. I could definitely go a bit bigger and still border on looking natural but anything beyond that would be obviously augmented. I was after a completely natural look.
  7. I had BA with Dr P in February this year with cosmeditour at BPK9 Hospital, travelled alone as well. He is an excellent surgeon and very experienced, there wasn't anyone else I would go to in Bangkok and I requested for him specifically... The nurses will take very good care of you so you don't need to worry about being alone, they are extremely kind and caring. If you are worried you can always ask to stay an extra night or so at the hospital before checking into the hotel, I stayed in hospital for 3 nights.
  8. Your body will let you know if anything is too much and everyone heals differently from surgery. But as always, better safe than sorry so its best to avoid lifting your toddler for as long as possible. That being said, the first 2 weeks I felt soreness carrying 2kg bags of groceries in each hand. But by week 3 I was moving around 50L bags of soil with no problem
  9. Many of the surgeons at PPSI in Phuket are great. I went with Dr Pornthep in Bangkok at BP9 Hospital with Cosmeditour. Would recommend
  10. Oh darl.. first few days will be the worst, for me day 2 was the absolute worst - so much pain and felt incredibly crippled. Yes the implants will definitely soften up over time, they are rock hard to begin with because your muscle and skin are tight and holding them in. I'm currently 1 month PO and they've softened up a lot already but still have a long way to go. Sleep at about 30-45 degree angle, put a pillow underneath your knees!! It will take stress off your back and support the natural curve of your lower back. I never once got back pain when I did this, it will also help to stop you sliding down during the night. I too found it hard to breathe. It is normal, do not worry, every day will get better for sure no matter how hard it may be to believe it at the moment. Sleep lots, drink lots of water and don't skip meals even if you don't have an appetite, your body needs the energy to recover. Good luck
  11. Holy cow your scar looks amazing!! Pretty much invisible. You must be happy with that
  12. Gah :/ did you have peeling skin and found it itchy too? I took the micropore tape off last night and have been feeling completely fine since then. Does 12 hours per day irritate your incision?
  13. Hi all, Just wanted to share with you all that Siltape is quite cheap on defries.com.au at the moment, $23.55 with free shipping, which is the cheapest that I've heard it being. I was considering getting silicone sheeting but I believe there is no difference between the tape and sheets? And at this price, it's almost a steal. I have been getting a reaction to micropore tape - peeling skin and very itchy. Hoping the same will not happen with silicone tape. https://www.defries.com.au/shop-online/category/?c=6
  14. My surgeon did not even look at the bras I brought, he jokingly said he 'has no experience with wearing a bra' just told me to wear it morning and night for 2 months, and no underwire for 6 months. I wore the target post-op for 2-3 nights, but after discovering the comfort of the kmart seamfree wirefree crops, I refuse to wear anything else!! 10/10 for comfort. As for support, I'm not too sure about them, but on days I feel I will need more support, I just wear 2 and it does the job fine.
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