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  1. I had a neck threading procedure done several months ago by a doctor who professed to be an 'experienced cosmetic surgeon'. In fact his Brisbane business states that he has been doing cosmetic surgery for over three years and has a great reputation with incredible results. Well I should have done my homework, the neck threading turned into a neck nightmare, barbed threads inserted wrongly by a doctor who was clearly under experienced and did not have the qualifications to do the procedure. The neck threading infact did not lift my neck but left it looking like a 'vagina' and my face was pulled down causing massive jowling! The pain in my neck was incredible, he hit my voice box, thyroid gland, mandibular nerve and laryngal nerve. I dribble on one side of my mouth, I have pain constantly and wake with pain in the night. Now after seeing over 6 plastic surgeons and being told how bad he was I am booked in to have the barbs taken out of my neck, my neck reconstructed, a major facelift and eyebrow lift. All this because of a simple neck threading. Beware! Do not go to a 'cosmetic surgeon' no matter how many procedures they say they have done. They have gone to short courses that usually are done by the suppliers of their equipment. If they were really serious about cosmetic outcomes then they would do their training properly and become a plastic surgeon. Also beware of someone saying that they are a 'cosmetic surgeon' or doing 'cosmetic surgery' when they are not fully qualified surgeons and a member of the Australian College of Surgeons. Do you homework! It will save heartache in the end.
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