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  1. Agree. Some doctors (in general) only want to give the bare minimum but most will ask what you think you need and work to that.
  2. I spoke to the nurse at my PS today. Janey you are probably right and I have overworked and overstretched it. I'm back on painkillers 24/7. She said it was probably overworked, I'm right handed, that was my smaller boob, more work was done on that pocket...lots of potential reasons. Oh, and I have to sleep upright again. Pain is not as bad today so hopefully it keeps improving. Mob a happier note, the bras I ordered online in Thursday night have arrived. Can't wait to get home and check them out.
  3. Yes you can use sick leave. Yes your ps will give you a med cert. But they may only give a cert fir a few days, not the whole time you want off. source: I'm in HR and I used personal leave for my BA in May. 😊
  4. Hi de, it's been a month today since surgery. I left a message for the surgeon last night. It even hurts to use my left arm now. Like its pulling painfully on my right pec muscle. Hopefully I have just overstretched my muscle and it needs time to recover.
  5. I want to cry I am in so much pain. Under my right breast from sternum to pit. Any time I use my arm, put pressure on my arm or even breathe it hurts. I'm gonna call the surgeon Monday to try to get advice/ appointment. But has anyone else had this? Started aching a week or so ago but in the last 48 hours it has gotten really bad.
  6. Thanks miss Julie. You are a font of knowledge. First week back at work was ok, my workmates were all glad to see me back. I got hugs.
  7. I'm totally freaking out! this morning my right boob was quite sore when I woke up and when I looked in the mirror I could see a definite difference between the implant and my natural breast tissue, like there is a little step. Is this bottoming out? I can't take a good photo of what I mean.
  8. Looking good @jolive7 @Bushlander how did you go getting your bandages off? Im still really achy on my right side. I'm sure it's just healing still. I go back to work on Monday. The last two weeks off have felt like so long but I've loved it. Igive to figure out now what to wear to work to downplay my new rack.
  9. I had my two week check up last Tuesday. I was told I can go swimming now.
  10. Hi Maybenewboobies. He gave about five days worth of Tramadol and you can drive once you are off the heavy meds. I was completely off heavy painkillers after four days and before that had only been taking them every 6-8 hours for the last day. The anaesthesiologist will prescribe the meds. I had surgery on the Thursday and drove the first time on the following Monday, it felt a little weird but not painful. What did hurt was trying to close the car door. Use two hands! 😊
  11. I love the days when there just seems to be a big jump forward in recovery. Today I was able to pick my son up and carry him for a lengthy period of time with no pain or need to rest significantly afterward. Can't wait for the next few weeks to speed by.
  12. There are some nice looking boobs on this thread! 😄 Best news today at my checkup - I can have a nice long soak in the tub, go swimming etc. Hope you all are going well. Loving seeing the progress.
  13. Five days on the antibiotics. It has stopped the consistent hurting but I've had a few zingers. I don't have any swelling and no temp changes so I'm not concerned about infection.
  14. 420cc is quite a bit so I'm sure you will see a difference. I was advised there is about 100-200cc in a cup. So by those calsuations if you are someone who will need 200cc to go up a cup size you should be going up by at least 2. but... There are women on here who are much more knowledgeable than me. 😊
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