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  1. Hi I'm 5'5, and 62 kgs on an A cup wanting to go into full c cup. My preferred implants is silicone gel, round, through armpit incision (if possible), as it looks the least painful. Has anyone had any experience with others? How long is generally the recovery time? Anyone have any preference over the other? I am absolutely petrified of hospitals and surgery so I'm trying to find the least painful and trying to be realistic about recovery time etc. any help, thanks in advance.
  2. Hi everyone. Finally gathered enough courage to go for the BA procedure, sitting at a small A cup with signs of tuberous symptoms (knocked back by TCI based on this reason). I've done plenty of research. I've asked around. I've talked to doctor friends, friends who have gotten BA done. And this is probably half of my problem as I am confused with so many options. Ideally I would like to go to a C full cup (im 5'5 at 62 kgs) silicone gel, round, over the muscle, preferably armpit incision or infra-mammary. Really looking at most painless (isn't everybody) and currently have these doctors shortl
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