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  1. This forum seems to have gone quiet as you more than likely would have got a reply on the day once upon a time 520/560 (negligible difference in size) would take a B cup woman to well over E cup, especially if your BWD is 14.5. I don't think anyone has felt they went too big so hopefully you're happy with your results
  2. I can't say I've heard of him but I got my BA over a year ago and since then, quite a few new doctors have arrived on the scene offering under 10K BA. I think as long as he is an actual plastic surgeon and not a cosmetic surgeon, you shouldn't go wrong medically. As for whether he can deliver the boobs you want, I don't know. Ask him to show any photos he may have of patients. I think the newer doctors with reviews here seem to have more feedback here.
  3. I think it's better to get consults once you have stopped breastfeeding to be honest. Tony Connell is well regarded so once your breasts have settled, he'd no doubt give you a better opinion. If you do need a lift, I believe he is the man though. Not cheap but if a lift is required, it's not worth going cheap IMHO. If you only need a standard augmentation then you can look at the newer docs on the block. Many women seem very happy with their results and most are charging under 10K these days. I went with Mark Lee and he is brilliant. Not the cheapest but brilliant. I was functioning at 95% the next day as I was in minimal pain and barely needed drugs.
  4. It may be worth researching treatments that help burns victims to help soften and loosen up scarring. It could be that you have a lot of scar tissues internally and it's pulling around nerves, or you may have some pinched nerves. It doesn't sound right at all to be having pain or discomfort after 18 months I hope you get some answers/help.
  5. Get the best sports bra possible if you choose to run. It's hard to avoid bounce and sadly bounce will cause boobs to go south, real or not I chose to go no bigger than 400cc as I am fairly active in marital arts and anything bigger would get in the way.
  6. I'm not sure how many months PO you are but I think some surgeons recommend not wearing push-up bras for at least 6 months. If you're over 6 months PO then no worries, though I think you'll have trouble finding them for larger boobs. I'd go to decent bra shop and ask what options there are for larger breasts. It may be that you don't need a push up bra but one that has the right structure to form cleavage. Good luck!
  7. You need to ask your surgeon first just in case. Is it a beginners class or more advanced class that involves contact? If beginners, you may just be learning the basics so as long as you have a good supportive sports bra, I don't see why not. It would be more the bouncing around that would be the issue. If the classes involve striking/kicking, I'd ask the people running the classes if they prefer that women wear protection anyway. I do a semi-contact martial arts and I think I went back to it fully after 4/5 months. I wear chest armour however if sparring.
  8. I think bottoming out happens much later (months/years) on when the implant is clearly falling under the natural breast's crease. Your breasts are just dropping at a different rate. It's hard not to worry but assess how things go towards the 6 months mark when things settle more
  9. It's hard to know without pre-op photos but if your breasts sat low in the beginning then the implants may have just followed the natural progression of going south. Having said that, I don't think they look saggy. They look lovely! They look remarkably natural although I appreciate that's not the look you were after. If your nipples started pointing downwards then I think it's worth addressing surgically again. However, if you can avoid a lift (especially before starting a family), I think that would be good. I suppose a larger high profile implant may hike the girls up again but if you're perhaps genetically predisposed to lower lying boobs, I'm not sure how long they'd hold for? I'd have a chat with a surgeon to see what your options are.
  10. I think the 285CC will put you into a D cup but we all know cup size doesn't mean too much. As someone else said, you may fit into a D but look more like a C. Implants often never look as filled out as natural boobs. I fit into DDs but they don't look huge at all. Most women feel they could go bigger so I'd talk to your surgeon again or get another opinion. Unless you don't have a lot of skin to work with, there's no reason why you couldn't go to 330 or so. Having said that, you need a jump of 100CC for a noticeable difference.
  11. My breast implants weigh 800g or so but I've learned to readjust my brain to the weight gain. I can be off by 1-2 kg over a space of a month or two so I don't think about subtracting the boobs anymore.
  12. I wouldn't go bigger given your frame and you're going over the muscle.
  13. Same - I thought I would need Mods with a BWD of 15cm but I got given HPs with about 13cm width and they are perfect. Every woman is different so I wouldn't focus on those numbers too much. HPs on me now make sense as I had some breast tissue to work with and I wanted cleavage over side-boob. It may be a good idea to see one more surgeon anyway.
  14. I think the implants you got look great on you! Given your height you wouldn't have wanted less than 400. You probably could have gone to 500 without it seeming too big too. However, as you're slim, I think it's good to be cautious and go with 400.
  15. I have similar stats and 400cc took me from 12B to 12DD. If you have natural breast tissue that puts you in a D cup, then I would think that you'll end up bigger than DD. If you don't have much breast tissue and it's mostly skin then the 390 should hopefully fill you out without going too big in cup size. I think the size sounds pretty good for your BWD though otherwise.
  16. I usually buy off the rack and move on with any sort of clothes but I chose to have a fitting at Myer 8 weeks PO. The lady was pretty used to seeing augmented boobs so she was really helpful. She explained why some bras won't sit well for the first six months (boobs too high etc.), and that some will never ever fit well. It has saved me buying bras that aren't going to work for me.
  17. To be honest, I was disappointed after my consult in that I didn't feel we built a rapport, but I did go away feeling confident that he was a great surgeon. I went ahead and booked as my friend had said something similar about the same surgeon. It is important to feel comfortable with your surgeon but surgeons can be on a completely different planet to us regular folk. What my surgeon had was very nice staff who bridged that social gap for him. That definitely helped. I think if the entire clinic staff was cold then I wouldn't have booked. Anyway, I went on to see my surgeon once on op day, then a few more times for check-ups. Each time I liked him more socially.
  18. I think double bubble is something that happens much later on, not so soon after surgery? I agree with D e that your incision is pretty high. I'm assuming you mean that you didn't have an obvious crease before surgery (but now do with the implants in) so it may just feel a little lumpy now as your scar heals and your implants create a crease underneath it. Ask your PS about it on your next check up.
  19. I think if you're a fairly standard case then rounds are a good option. Teardrops work best for specific breast types from what I understand. Either way, my PS (Mark Lee as well) suggested rounds purely because I am an active person (martial arts) and he didn't want to take the risk of rotation occurring. I think the risk is minimal for regular women (though someone recently on here has to have her teardrops corrected/removed due to rotation?) but I didn't want any remote possibility of rotation happening to me. Please also keep in mind that although round implants are of course round, whey they are placed on the chest wall and under the muscle, they don't end up perfectly round inside.
  20. Ignore your mother. Some women of a particular generation don't feel it's right to change your body and a whole host of other old-fashioned ideas. You're a modern woman living in modern times. It doesn't matter who does or doesn't see your new boobs. You'll enjoy the confidence you get from them and feel far from fake. I'm not sure what size you're going to but for most part, people won't really notice. I went to 400HP and with clothes on, no one has picked that I had a BA. You're entitled to do things that make you feel good. I don't believe in being like the previous generation of women and putting themselves last.
  21. Hi there. I think it depends on your overall physique. If you have a wide BWD then I think mods spread the silicon across the chest more so you might look matronly if already bulky up top (muscle or curves). You'll get side boobs though. If you use HPs, then the silicon is projected out more, which may suit you if you aren't lean up top (if that makes sense...). I'm quite broad in shoulder with a BWD of 15 so I had HPs put in. I love them. It sounds like you might be a tall, lean person, in which case mods might be perfect, especially with the upgrade on the size too. I can't help with lifts but I think quite a few ladies have had larger implants put in after a lift, though some were advised to do the operations separately too?
  22. Ah yes. I think he's at least a proper surgeon though, as opposed to a GP having a crack :| I had 400 HPs put in. I didn't want to go too big as I'm quite active. I also had natural breast tissue, a BWD of 15 and I'm 65kg/169cm. The same implants on a smaller lady with no boobs at all would look quite big
  23. I think I was prepared (having read this Forum) that my new boobs will never be real and therefore squishy like flesh. The implants are foreign objects after all, but the only time I'm reminded of that is when I hug people or use a screwdriver lol I did start out a 12B so I tend to feel the natural breast tissue when touching them but yep, internally, I can definitely feel the implant press against the chest wall... I do miss being able to lie flat on my belly but still happy
  24. If you literally have no natural breast tissue to add to the overall tally, then I think 495 is a good size, especially for your height
  25. Hi there. I think Dr Kailis does sub-10K boob jobs in Perth but is still a plastic surgeon. Quite a few people have been to him and seem happy. I think you have to have a standard case tho (so no lifts, asymmetry, tubular breasts etc.). I think most other plastic surgeons in Perth are 10-14K otherwise. I went with Dr Lee for just under 12K (he's reduced his rates tho) and have no regrets.
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