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    JustRight4Me reacted to MissC in Which surgeon in Perth?   
    Dr Mark Lee was my surgeon and I would definitely recommend him
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    JustRight4Me got a reaction from Newboobies-mf in February 2016 Boobies   
    I had my consult (Dr Mark Lee Perth) today and I'm super psyched to go ahead ASAP. Well.. not quite next week but definitely February once I work out logistics. At this stage, mid-Feb looks good!  
    Very excited as I've been umming and ahhing for two years. I haven't been too worried about boob size before but I train in martial arts and in the last two years I've been getting broader in the shoulders and losing the girly, feminine look (at age 42, that doesn't worry me but I don't want to look like a girlish man either...). I tried on sizers and loved how much difference they made to my overall appearance. I won't lie. I liked having bigger boobs too lol
    Anyway, FYI, I'm 169cm and 66kg (with some Xmas kg to lose  ). My BWD is 15cm on each side so my PS immediately suggested 375cc. I read so many people wishing they went a touch bigger so I suggested 400cc which my PS agreed to. I think I could accommodate more without looking really big but he wisely took into account my active lifestyle. Happy with that size
    Looking forward to following everyone's updates!
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    JustRight4Me got a reaction from Alissa in Sub Pec v Sub Glandular   
    I just had my consult today and we discussed placement briefly. My PS did the pinch test and he said he didn't recommend overs in my case so I'll be going under (didn't ask if he meant dual plane or full under). I think if you have enough breast tissue up top, overs won't be obvious but if there's not enough, you can probably see the implant when you lie down or stretch etc.
    From what I understand, I think it comes down to the look you want to achieve and your lifestyle. Overs don't take as long to recover from and some women do want the 'fake' look. I think it's best to ask your surgeon what his pros/cons are for both placements. He may have a different insight to other surgeons.
    I'm also a newb so hopefully other people (esp those who had overs) can help you
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    JustRight4Me got a reaction from Katewell in Sub Pec v Sub Glandular   
    I've seen many overs that look super natural that I wouldn't have known otherwise. I think it's when you're very slim that you have to be careful I imagine. Good luck!
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    JustRight4Me reacted to Alissa in Sub Pec v Sub Glandular   
    Hi Katewell.  Thank u for this info. Geez, what a journey you've been on. You poor thing. It sounds as though all is ok now though?!. Sorry, I forgot to mention my size. I'm a 12B. 2 kids, one BF. I had 2cm in the upper pole pinch test so I'm guessing that why I am a candidate for either option?. I train at the gym twice a week and do a lot of body weight and heavy weights training. I'm leaning towards above muscle at this stage.........the info and terminology is a little overwhelming still but this forum is awesome. What an awesome bunch of supportive people.  Thanks again ☺
    Hi Snack2015. Thanks for your info.  It's great. I had 2cm in my punch test and am a 12B. The most important thing for me is for the result to be as natural as possible. The PS gave me info re above muscle resulting in the top of the implant 'showing' but said he was confident I'd be ok. 
    thanks again ☺
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    JustRight4Me reacted to Joadster in Joadster's BA Journey   
    Fantastic!! It's amazing how long e procrastinate! Sometimes it's not a bad thing though because we learn so much along the way. All the best with your consult <3
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    JustRight4Me reacted to MissC in Recommendations of breast surgeons in Perth please!   
    I had my surgery with Mark Lee. I had 500cc hp round implants and have gone from a very deflated 12b/c to a 12e. I had assymetry so had fat taken from one breast so that he could use the same size implants in both sides. Very happy with my results
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    JustRight4Me got a reaction from Joadster in Joadster's BA Journey   
    Having a consult tomorrow (excited!) and hoping the procedure can be done next month (I've thought about it all for last two years so totally ready  )
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    JustRight4Me got a reaction from Joadster in Joadster's BA Journey   
    Thanks for your detailed description and so pleased you had a great experience Hoping mine will be half as joyful!
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    JustRight4Me got a reaction from Cathy in I want them removed   
    I have a feeling RealMe is long gone from this Forum but I did indeed note a small 'movement' of women on Real Self getting explanted in the US after 20+ years but most have had saline implants and overs, which I think were the norm back then. I don't doubt that implants and surgery are now the safest they've ever been and hopefully fewer women will feel the need to explant for health or quality of life of concerns in another 20 years :|
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    JustRight4Me reacted to JennaB89 in Boob selfie!   
    Wow everyone looks fab!! So many beautiful boobs ??? Just wore a bikini for the first time since getting them, 4 months post op. Edited to add: well it's the first time in public wearing a bikini, of course I've tried on 1000 of them since I've had boobs!! ?

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    JustRight4Me reacted to love and glitter xo in Boob selfie!   
    It's so comfy! Definitely worth purchasing. Here I am wearing one myself, wieee.
    This is my 'waiting for fake tan to cook on my skin so I can wash it off already' selfie. Holy moly does bronzing make them look so much better! 

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    JustRight4Me reacted to ab1990 in Sizing HELP please! 560cc   
    I'm 168 and 65-68kgs. I got 390cc and they are not big at all. I wish I went around 500cc. 
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    JustRight4Me reacted to misstons in Sizing HELP please! 560cc   
    I had 560ccs for my first augmentation, high profile they were 15cm in diameter.
    I am 168cm, 65kgs at the time
    They took me from a D > E/F cup. Wasn't much of a change. 
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    JustRight4Me reacted to mrsrosehiptea in How long do you really feel rubbish for...?   
    Hello I had BL and BA and another non breast procedure yesterday. I do not feel rubbish today. I feel alright. I had a coffee down the road just now. Seriously it is nothing like I had read about. It's just the mindset I think. I'm a little sleepy. Boobs were sore so I took two panadol now I'm good. 
    Go for it just be positive and dont buy into the drama. I have kids and my husband is not the type to wait on me and baby me. So I just get on with things. I've been folding some washing since we came back from coffee. I'm totally ok. 
    All the best. 
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    JustRight4Me reacted to pink butterfly in Post op weightloss   
    I would agree with Pepper - I lost a kilo prior to surgery as I deliberately upped the ante for my exercise regime. I knew I wasn't going to be able to exercise properly after surgery so I wanted to create a bit more muscle to account for some of the muscle loss while recovering. I didn't lose much more after surgery and it didn't affect my implants.
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    JustRight4Me reacted to Pepper9 in Getting back to pre op fitness   
    I know that fitness is important to a lot of girls on here so thought I'd post about my post op exercise and getting back to pre op fitness. 
    I had a pretty good recovery initially and live on my own so was completely self sufficient. 
    I first went for a walk at 5 days post op (following instructions) which was a short slow one, about half an hour. Felt fine afterwards so extended to an hour from then. From two weeks went back to gym to walk on treadmill, gradually increasing speed and incline. Initially I didn't think this was doing anything but a mental thing but afterwards think it really did help. 
    I kept to the leg cardio then until the six week post op point. I did treadmill, reclined bike and a circuit with lunges, glute bridges and air squats. I was so scared of damaging myself I followed instructions to the letter! 
    At six weeks I saw my PT who has had a BA and specialises in injury and post op recovery. I got a 4 week program which at that stage focused on really light weights and lots of mobility work. Shoulders especially needed lots of mobility work. This had strength mixed in with cardio and strict movements rather than dynamic ones that might put more pressure on them. I set myself some goals for incorporating old routines. 
    After those four weeks I started back at my normal pre op routine. Still building strength back up but participating in all classes etc with only a few modifications. However, the first day I went back I did something that hurt to my incision area on left side. Surgeon seemed to think it was unrelated to surgery. I went to gp who said it seemed some scar tissue had torn a bit maybe. I took a week off training then and that resolved after a few days. Still not really sure what it was but it hurt more than anything I had post op so was even more ultra cautious after then. 
    I am now 4 1/2 months post op and yesterday got my goal of being able to do one strict pull up before Christmas. Just one but I was pretty stoked! My weights are all back to where they were pre op. The only modifications I make to workouts is the dynamic bar work - can't do toes to bar, kipping pull-ups etc. I can hang off the bar and do knee raises and l-sits but moving still causes a little pressure so easing back in. Push ups are fine and back to full chest to ground. I don't get any animation and it doesn't feel werid for me so that's good. 
    My surgeon said no restrictions so my only hope now is that his advice is correct and in a few years I won't be posting about revision needed for lateral displacement etc!! 
    I got dual plane placement as had no breast tissue but it was really important to me to be able to exercise as per pre-op so asked surgeon many times! 
    This is a very long post already so not too specific but feel free to ask anything. also interested to hear of others experiences as to how long took them to get back to pre-op exercise and fitness. 
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    JustRight4Me reacted to Ittybittyk in Training/Exercise after BA   
    Exactly what I was going to say @overthinkingit ?
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    JustRight4Me reacted to overthinkingit in Training/Exercise after BA   
    All surgeons seem to have a different idea, mine said 12 weeks but I am never to do chest specific weights again where as others have been told they have no restrictions and are back training hard earlier then 6 weeks. 
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    JustRight4Me reacted to imperfectly_lou in Training/Exercise after BA   
    There was a recent thread on this by Pepper. I'll see if I can find it
    Here it is http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/topic/21721-getting-back-to-pre-op-fitness/#comment-252958
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