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  1. Wow I had mine changed 2.5 weeks post op and was told I can take them off after 10 days and to just use bio oil or something. That seems like nothing after what you both just said!
  2. Hey ladies,just wondering if anyone knows is it best to keep your bandages on as long as possible or take them off and let the scars breathe to heal best?
  3. We've decided on 385cc textured round hp implants. Will that still give me a fairly "natural" look or should I have gone moderate profile?? I'm so worried I'll look big and fake lol but want a good projection too :/
  4. I don't really want to wait 10 years until after having kids to get my boobs done! I'll just get them done and if I need a revision so be it lol. I want to enjoy them now!
  5. This thread is amazing!!! Way too excited for my surgery, hurry up October!
  6. Did you girls buy a post op bra online or just buy the one they fit you with in hospital?
  7. Yeah, he obviously does free consultations for a reason!! I've booked surgery for October 8 with Dr Kollias, so excited!!! Hopefully all goes well after having kids but oh well it will be too late then haha
  8. Funny you girls say that, I'm getting a referral for a consult with dr Kollias today! A lady I met had hers done through him and they look incredible!! Would absolutely love to see some photos from you girls, I'm hoping to book in my surgery ASAP! Would love my boobs before summer how did your surgery go @Nay and @emmalouise ?
  9. Yeah, he obviously does free consultations for a reason!! Im going to have a consultation with Richard Hamilton next I think anyone have any other recommendations in Adelaide? I have looked at others interstate but would prefer somewhere local if possible
  10. So a quick update. I went and saw dr Michael Higgs at Parkside cosmetic surgery as they do a free consult and was far from impressed. At my first appointment he said he needed to speak with his group of plastic surgeons to get their opinion (if you were confident why even bother asking others??) as I have quite significant asymmetry. At my second appointment, he had about 10 other surgeons opinions and just shut them all down except for the one that basically agreed with what he was saying. He then proceeded to tell me he won't be able to give me perfect boobs and will more than likely still have asymmetry and he wants to do a reduction on one boob so that he just uses the same implant size. Nearly every girl I know has two different sized implants to correct asymmetry, not have a reduction to make them the same size then do same size implants?? He seemed pretty average and when I first got there he made a joke about my vision (I told him at my first appointment that I'm half blind after filling out my medical history), who does that??! I left feeling pretty confident that I did NOT want to have surgery with him! At least I didn't waste money on a consult though
  11. Possibly Andrew Hamilton at Hamilton house or maybe tony Moore at Apsa, I haven't decided 100% yet. Looking around for the best price but I want them to look amazing so happy to pay a little more to get that. Locally would be nice as well Yeah it's really hard to decide what to do. One minute I'm set on getting them done, next I'm like nah just in case I'm not 100% happy and it's definitely not cheap! As much as I want my boobs done I'm scared I'm going to regret it lol :/
  12. I'm organising a consult as soon as I can! I'm so excited, if they drop a bit hopefully they just end up looking more natural not necessarily "bad"
  13. Thanks so much for sharing your experience I think I'm just going to get them anyway and if I need to after babies I'll get a revision. At least I'll have good boobs now! Haha
  14. So good to hear a review about your breast! How do you find the round implant in comparison to tear drop? I really want a natural appearance as well and keep coming back to your breast as they're one of the few places that offer 3D imaging as well as tear drop and round implant choice. Do you mind sharing some photos? Thank you
  15. I'm in the same boat! They seem pretty good and one of the few places that offer 3D imaging as well as both round and tear drop implants. Not a lot of info or before and after pics though, so I'd love some more info as well!
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