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  1. Hi girls I haven't been on here for a lonnnnng time, everything has been amazing with my BA and couldn't be happier. I just recently found out I'm expecting (not really planned but a nice surprise) and my implants are about 1.5 years old. Basically, I'm looking for info from anyone who had theirs done within 3 years or so of getting implants. I understand that breasts change dramatically with pregnancy and childbirth, but hoping to hear from some people who have newish implants and what effect this had on them. Did you perhaps get a small lift afterwards or was there no need? Thanks in
  2. I switched between my Berlei Post Surgey bra and a BnT Complete Comfort Bra with the wires taken out, also had some Ah Bra type things for sleeping in. The Berlei was much more comfortable but the straps weren't as thin as the BnT one so it was hard to disguise at times. Otherwise no bra at all for certain situations :)I only started wearing underwire at 6 months though.
  3. I don't remember feeling any pain or tightness, but I do remember looking down and thinking, "Oh my god, there's actually breasts there now!" It was a very strange (in the best way possible) feeling. Best of luck for tomorrow
  4. I would go for the baby also, but I have no children so it's not as easy for me to say. You can get the boobs any time, and like others have said, what a great reward that would be after your 4th child to treat yourself to this Some people's boobs apparently don't change after childbirth, but do you really want to risk this and run the chance of having to go for the op all over again?
  5. Cherryblossom I'm so sorry to hear about your CC, I hope it gets better soon for you. The difference from 3-6 months was quite a bit, I kind of just woke up one day and realised I could push them together and up finally
  6. Hi girls first of all, I have been very slack not coming on here as often as I would like to. We just moved and got internet back so I've only been checking the forums on my phone for a while. It's now been 6 months since my BA and it feels like a lifetime ago. I was very fortunate to not have any issues so far, and everything from my consult to my surgery, recovery and up until now has been a breeze. My boobs feel like they've always been a part of me and I have to remind myself sometimes that they're fake. At 6 months they are definitely softer, I notice them jiggling when I walk or r
  7. Hi Gemini I had twilight sedation and got unders, absolutely no problems at all with the surgery or my recovery. There's loads of Dr. H girls on here who are in the same boat and I haven't heard a negative yet.
  8. Thanks for your response hun I guess mine does feel like that in certain areas, almost as if there's a few layers. Sometimes I get my bf to touch and I close my eyes to see if I can feel where his finger is but I cant feel anything in some areas. Haven't been back to Brisbane yet but need to do it soon!
  9. Hey girls, I haven't been on here for a while because I'm lazy, but the new forum is looking great Just a question, how long did it take for everyone to get full or most of the feeling back on their breasts? I'm about 5 months and still numb on the lower half of my breasts. It has gotten better than it was at the start but I'm starting to worry it'll never happen. I'm not in underwires yet and getting sick of the lack of choice in bras!
  10. I think it has to do with your skin stretching? I had this also and it lasted 1-2 weeks. Just keep up with the moisturiser
  11. Becca is so right! Because the majority of us wore padded bras it really isn't that noticeable when you swap the padding for silicone just tell whoever you are comfortable telling and forget the rest. People will always talk, I found out some girl I barely know was yapping about mine to a friend of mine. No idea how she found out, but it bothered me at first. Then I realised that's just how people are. Mine are old news now and I would actually proudly tell anyone who asks that they aren't real - I'm not ashamed
  12. Congratulations sounds like you are very happy! Dr. H is a wonderful surgeon
  13. I had a few drinks about 2.5 weeks PO, no dramas at all. As long as you don't fall over and damage the goods I think you will be okay maybe double check with your doctor if you're concerned though.
  14. It's crazy to think at a year they are still softening and changing! I think it's good for us girls to realise it's quite a gradual process.
  15. Congrats! Anything major you have noticed over the year or just gradual changes? Do you feel like you're finally at your end result?
  16. Don't panic, just remind yourself what you went through is fairly invasive! It is very normal to feel pain and your body is probably exhausted. We've all been there and I promise each day will be better As for your boobs, you will soon forget how weird they look and eventually they'll settle and be gorgeous
  17. It's not the best look in the world, is it? Kind of freaky. I'm glad to hear it happens to other people though
  18. Yes! Glad I am not alone. Like when I'm going for a shower and lift my arm up my boob moves with it and it looks very strange...I don't know if it's just because when I had nothing they never really moved, but I definitely am very aware of how uneven they look sometimes. I think (hope) it's normal
  19. I'm a fairly neurotic person and I worry a lot, I thought for sure I would have some issue once I got my implants with the fact I had a foreign object in me. Truth is I never thought about it once because I was too busy loving the fact I finally had boobs! As for the medical side, I guess the most you can do is research and ask your doctor any questions you have. Don't go through with it until you feel satisfied you know everything you need to. I think that will help ease any negative thoughts post surgery too
  20. I agree, you may have overdone it or it might be the bra? I had similar feelings when I returned to work - about day 6 PO - and by the end of the day my breasts were aching and cramping up (they felt hard also). The only relief was heat packs and lots of long hot showers. I called Dr. H's office that day and spoke with Peggy and was told this is okay and normal. I didn't have bruising though. I definitely recommend calling (or even an email - he's quite fast at responding on the weekends) just to ease your mind. Hope it's all okay
  21. I love hearing great stories like this Woohoo for the 360s!!
  22. Congratulations! Hope you have a quick and painfree (as possible) recovery I sent you a FR too
  23. I'm in the same boat, I feel like mine have just recently shrunk. I gave up caring about bra size but looking at photos I feel like at the 3 month mark they've gone down and they will stay. But I agree with Lozz that we are probably just used to them! I look at my before photos and it really is a massive increase in size. I guess we have to be patient and if nothing changes then just be grateful we are better off than where we started (easier said than done though!)
  24. After surgery was probably the most relaxing time of my life! I sat in the recovery room for about 20 minutes and apparently kept repeating myself but just felt a bit out of it and sleepy. Got a taxi back to the apartment and just relaxed on the couch without a care in the world. I had a fairly clear head by the afternoon
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