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    North lakes, Brisbane
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    Dr Phil Richardson 17/2/16
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    165cm 62kg 390cc high profile unders
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    Logistics scheduler
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  1. i had my check up 5days po and i go back in two weeks for another check up, they seem to be healing really well have you had a consultation with any of them?
  2. Hey, im almost 5 weeks PO with Dr Richardson, love them couldn't be happier either
  3. Hey that's your option but I certainly wouldn't go with anyone else, and I appreciate they are starting out or getting a name which in turn tells me they don't have as much experience as others which is why I made the choice I did, I'm not here to argue I'm glad your happy with yours and they turned out good.
  4. really maybe i should try that thanks
  5. I can't touch them at times thy are that sore haha but I'm pleased I have the sensation still I have hard nips sometimes it's funny happenes when you would rather it not ????
  6. 14days PO today! And the girls are constantly changing!! Getting less ache during the night just wish the crazy nipple sensitivity would leave me alone for a few hours ? Anyone have any tips?? Or having the same issue??
  7. Hi Ana, i have nothing bar a fantastic experience with him and his team, believe me i did months of research before i made my decision you have to be 100% happy, his experience and knowledge and the work he has done made my decision pretty easy, i was only ever going to pay for the best and i certainly didn't want any cosmetic surgeon doing my op. Im 62kg and 165cm, BWD of 12cm, before i went for my consult i wanted 385cc mentor implants, (because my cousin had mentor) i went in and he advised 330 / 390cc High profile NAGOR impleo as these mentor are prone to rippling,round implants,
  8. i wouldn't be i think everyone bruises differently it will eventually go down.
  9. thats insane!!!!!! must be so uncomfortable
  10. yes hes amazing i had mine on the 17-2 couldn't be happier
  11. Hi slatts, what weights were you cleared to do and how heavy? also did it cause any slight pain? i am going back to the gym next week, will be 2 weeks PO so want to be careful and sensible however i do feel good. so glad your recovery is going well
  12. Treated myself to some new sports bras, they arrived this morning, having a "wow my boobs are huge" hahaha in love cant stop staring at them haha
  13. i did i was so sad im 8 days PO and they have come so much closer together be paitient!!
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