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  1. I'm 3 weeks PO today and I went back to work 1 week later (only office work) I found driving really hard even though it was only a 5 min journey down the road. Apart from that I have been fine and the only pain I have been in is the bra sitting on the incisions which is rather annoying but I brought a good one from Kmart so it's fine now
  2. I'm 3 weeks PO with Dr Anh. She is great, add me to see my pics ?
  3. Dr Anh too $9995, 2.5weeks PO. I was an A too think I am a C/D but not been measured yet
  4. Yes I was so nervous and was thinking it was going to be so painful etc. But actually it was totally fine and I haven't been in any pain what so ever I'm currently 2 weeks PO
  5. I'm 1 week PO with Dr Anh. Add me as a friend and you can see my pics in gallery
  6. Hey ladies my BA was on Thursday so I'm slowly recovering. I am in bandages until Monday so have not even seen them yet! However I feel the bandages are so uncomfortable and slowly falling off. I might take them off a day early? Has anyone else had them and do they actually do anything. Bored of sitting around now too ?
  7. I'm booked with Dr Anh on Thursday. I have heard good reviews
  8. Sorry ladies not been following this post much. Mines one week today and I am so nervous ?
  9. @jc14 guys don't really understand why. My partner still thinks I shouldn't get it done but he doesn't care. I'm sure your guy with be totally fine with it
  10. A month to go for me - 8th September ! So exciting
  11. @samanthac1975 I am 8th September too!
  12. I'm booked with her for 8th September. I have read really good reviews
  13. @Elisabethd88 I haven't had any scans done by my surgeon but i still have 3 months so not sure if they do. I had the previous one removed 2 years ago and it's now come back so maybe it will just keep coming back. Going doctors tomorrow for him to check and hopefully can give me an answer. I'm on the pill and have been for a long time so wondering if it has anything to do with that
  14. Hi Ladies, So my surgery is booked for September I'm so excited but I have just found a fibroadenomas lump! I am going to the doctors tomorrow to check it but I am sure it's fine as I had one two years ago which was about 5cm and had to have it removed ! Anyone else experienced this.. Really worried that I won't be able to have my surgery !
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