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  1. @Beautiful_Mind it certainly is scary when you think they may not go ahead with it! Glad all went well in the end @donatellawill make sure to tell my surgeon any pertinent info
  2. Thanks ladies @Missy35 and @BoobsCD @donatella thanks lovely. I did fill out paperwork at my consult and there were no flags aside from the fact that I do suffer from anxiety and all he wanted to know was if I was taking any meds for it and what they are. He did want me to get a letter from my psych just to make sure she was happy for me to go ahead with the surgery and she was happy to do that so he is happy to go ahead with the surgery. Thanks again ladies.
  3. Hi ladies, Hope everyone is well i just had a quick question I'm hoping you ladies can help me with. My surgeon has yet to ask for my medical history and I'm planning on booking my surgery for mid December (hopefully) I was wondering if my doctor will want to know my full medical history or just the relevant parts or not at all. I'm hoping not at all as there is something in there that may impact whether or not he would do the surgery or not and I would really prefer he didn't know(it's nothing that would effect the surgery or any issues with anesthesia etc) I also would prefer if my GP didn't know until after the fact as I think she wouldn't be too happy with it. if anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated. Xx
  4. I'm sorry to hear that you had such a horrible experience. It's great that you are warning other ladies though so hopefully they won't go through the same thing. Wishing you the best of luck and hope that you can get it all sorted x
  5. Good luck with your third opinion! ?
  6. How exciting @leelou! From what I've seen of Dr Tavakoli's work he truly is a master at both tuberous and non-tuberous BA. I've also never been under before so am extremely nervous and I haven't even booked my surgery yet! But I just remind myself thousands of people are put under for a myriad of different surgeries with no complications. You are in great hands. Best of luck! ?
  7. Hi ladies, I've been for consults with two ps both of whom have suggested overs due to the amount of tissue I already have and the amount of heavy lifting I do and they have both said there is a risk of my tissue/skin sagging below the implant with unders. The first suggested 425cc HP or 470cc XHP over the muscle. The second suggested 460 or 520cc XHP over the muscle. Ultimately I would love to go with the 520 XHP but am a little concerned about sagging with overs. Was just hoping to hear from any ladies who have had overs around this size if possible. Thanks in advance x
  8. Hi Ambz, I personally think that if their reaction to your future BA is going to be a negative one then you probably shouldn't tell them as it is just going to upset and stress you. I realize it would be good to have your family on side and supporting your decision but ultimately it is about what is going to make you happy and confident. All the best! Kate
  9. @naomi49 Hope everything goes well when you have your revision. I'm not too worried about being able to find bras because I have seen some nice fancy ones in the size I want but I mostly like to wear black bras
  10. @Bellaaa you're right I think I am focussing on cup size too much. I think I would definitely be happy with xhp in the 500 range. Just have to book a couple more consults now. @AlanaJ I had a look at your pictures from your 1st and 2nd BA and they look awesome!
  11. Thanks for the feedback ladies. (Not sure how to reply individually) Thanks AlanaJ will send a friend request now. I don't want them to look super fake, just leaning more toward fake than natural. I did show the surgeon some wish pics and explain to him the look I was going for and he said 'so in-between natural and fake looking but leaning a bit more toward fake' @Bellaaa I just stalked your pictures and yours look amazing! Some of the wish pics I showed the surgeon are pretty similar to yours actually.
  12. Hi ladies, Long time lurker, first time poster (so I hope I'm doing it right) My stats are: 156cm, 49kg, size 10C/D depending on the bra. I've been for one consult with a plastic surgeon who has told me I'm borderline lift and would do 425cc hp or 470 XHP. (He only had moderate profile for me to try to see what the weight felt like) i was originally hoping for an F cup but after reading fake breasts look smaller than natural breasts I'm now thinking G-H cup and hopefully extra high profile. I am going for the out of proportion look. Unfortunatley he didn't tell me my bwd or implant brand so am waiting to hear back from him to find that out. I will be booking more consults it's just difficult with where I live. I'm not really sure what my question is here just looking for some feedback from ladies with similar stats, advice, ladies who went large etc Also haven't had children but was a 12E before losing around 20kg so I know I can accommodate a larger implant. Sorry for the long post :/ Thanks for reading
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