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  1. Im doing awesome? How's your recovery going? I wear a lorna Jane crop top every day instead of a bra then the ahh bra to bed. dr H is happy with the support the Lj crops give me. My first post surgery workout (in my own) was just 50,40,30,20,10 of squats, lunges, step ups, right calf raise, left calf raise x2. My first workout with Pt, I'll try to remember but pretty sure I warmed up with 10 right kicks to a kick pad (could do this to a boxing bag if you have one) 10 squats, 10 left kicks, 10 squats (2 reps) then 9 (2 reps,8 2reps down to 1) then squat, squat to left, squat to right 10-1. Next was on a milk crate with a 4 kilo slam ball (can do this with or without a weight)

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