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  1. Thanks @sabP and @pink butterfly definitely sounds like you’ve raised your daughters right! Mine are only 8 and 10 - I just don’t want to have that conversation with them at this age when they are just starting to learn about their bodies. Sigh! We haven’t even had the Santa Claus talk yet!! Have a great day - I’ll hopefully find out my ultrasound results tomorrow and get my referral letter from my gp so I can get this process underway!
  2. Hi guys - yeah I don’t think that my problems with my implants are related to the fact that they are now banned (atleast I hope not!) but they just feel so weird - my right implant feels like it’s completely rippled and has all these like weird soft lumps (that are the implant) - so I definitely need them out. hmm interesting that the round girls are wanting the tear drop - now you’re making me think. I really just want some more fullness up the top but definitely not the bolt on look. I’ll see what that 3D image thing will look like at the PS appointment and then make my decision. @JenJen I completely understand you wanting to get an explant and not replace - I hope it goes well for you and you’re happy with the results. I also have another question for anyone with kids - have you told them about your implants? I have two girls and they don’t know - I really don’t want to tell them because I don’t want them questioning their own bodies but I also know it’s only a matter of time before they will figure it out... Hi Jugs - they are the silimed brand - polyurethane textured implants. What don’t you like about your round ones? Do you feel they are not as natural looking?
  3. Hi ladies - not sure how active this particular thread is but thought I’d write a post. I got BA in 2012 in Brisbane and I went for textured ‘brazilian’ tear drop dual plane implants 315cc. My implants are now super lumpy and ripples and just feel so bad - and I have slight aching feelings when I sleep on my side. I’ve had an ultrasound and am getting a referral from my GP (will find out results of ultrasound on Tuesday). I’ve already booked in with a PS for a consultation in May - Dr Doyle at Gold Coast Plastic surgery. I just googled the brand of my current implants - silimed And was shocked to discover that they are now banned in australia!! *****! Definitely getting these things out. I am thinking of going to round implants this time - I love the natural look of tear drop but I have no upper pole fullness and would love to have some! Not sure if anyone is even reading this but would love to know your thoughts on going from tear drop to round? And also the benefits of going under the muscle v over? Thanks 😊
  4. I got furry brazilians as well so it's even more bizarre that we are told the opposite thing by our surgeons! My understanding of the brazillians is that once they are in place they don't move at all, so I don't see how wearing a sports bra would have any affect on the implant. Anyway good luck and I'm looking forward to seeing your results! Fr accepted mummaof2
  5. Hey girls I'm really interested to find out why some of us have to wear bras 24/7 after surgery and others are told to go Bra less?! What's up with that? jamily I think I answered your question when I replied, to your fr. You will be fine! I thought I'd want to hide mine too but now that no one has noticed I'm trying to find ways to make them look bigger lol!
  6. Lol! I've been buying some bandage style dresses to wear (bought online though so I'm hoping they will fit!). It's my 5 year wedding anniversary next month and we are going away for the weekend so I'm looking forward to dressing up! Can't believe how quickly time has gone by huh! Have fun at your event, you'll have to post some pics in your dress! I'll post some more in the next month too
  7. Congrats!, I'm so jealous you have cleavage lol!!
  8. Thanks! I've ordered one from the UK so I hope it fits well!
  9. Hey! I happened to ask dr H this question TODAY and he said I could go Braless NOW if I wanted (for a night out, not permanately!) and I'm less than 3 weeks po so you will be fine I'm sure!!
  10. Hi dgkelly, I have tear drop brazillians and they look quite natural. You can send me an fr to see my pics if you like. I'm less than 3 weeks post op so they still have a lot of softening up to do. I could be wrong, but I don't believe the Brazilian implants are used in Thailand?? So you might want to check that out first before you get your heart set on brazilians (like I said, I could be wrong though!).
  11. Hi ladies! I havent been on in awhile but thought I'd come and say hello! All is good in boobie land. Had to have a check up with my doc today though as part of my incision wasn't healing like the rest, but he said its all good and I just need to wear a waterproof dressing for a few days. I'm nearly 3 weeks post op. I've been working out at the gym since 12 days PO and feel pretty good. I can sleep on my side no probs which is great! No one has noticed my new boobies, or at least they haven't said anything. I'm actually a little disappointed lol and I find that I'm actually trying to find tops to wear that will makemy boobs look bigger lol! I am really happy with the size though, I just wish I could have some cleavage! (can't wait to buy a push up bra!!) I'll try and post some one month progress pics in the next few weeks. Hope everyone's going well with their recoveries! Just had an idea.....not sure if anyone would be interested but maybe we could start a private Facebook group/page where we could all keep in touch and post comments. We'd have to call it something clever though so no one knows it's a boob page haha! I find it hard to keep track of comments on this forum as it doesn't tell you when someone has replied to your post etc. just a thought, but I realise a lot of us may want to remain anonymous perhaps....anyway I'm off to bed, I'll try and log in again soon!
  12. Good luck titeez & bettywilma!!
  13. That's great Oakley! I've dropped a kilo (cos I got gastro lol) but it helped to kickstart my weightless nonetheless! That's great welfie! Yes there are lots of different workouts that youcandothat doesn't involve jiggling lol. I used two bras which was great. Get moving girls, your boobies will look even better with a flat tummy lol.
  14. Yay! Congrats bella can't wait to see pics! Rest up x
  15. Hey becba, just letting you know that I went back to the gym tonight (12 days post op) and did a great workout and felt really good. I did the treadmill for 30 min at 6kph and worked my way up to the max incline of 15 (increased incline each minute). Then I did the recliner bike for 5km at fairly high intensity. I'm not sure if I maybe went too hard too soon (heart rate was up to 182!) but just thought I'd let you know how I went. Good luck to everyone trying to get back on the fitness journey after BA!
  16. Hey cherry blossom. All is going well with my new girls thanks! They seem to be healing well and I feel like I can do almost everything as normal now. I'll post more pics at the one month mark. How are you going?

  17. Hi ladies I've been doing some research on the best running bras and came across one called the Shock absorber.....sounds really good but before I fork out lots of money for it I wanted to know if anyone has this bra and how does the size compare to your regular size, as I'm planning on buying from a UK website. Thanks in advance!!
  18. Haha jenjen!! You girls are right, my hubby is one of those guys that just don't give compliments very often! Sigh! I know he loves me though, but it'd be nice to get some appreciation! Maybe I need to make him jealous lol. I feel 90% back to normal now. Driving, working, lifting etc. so that's positive! Although it's 7:30pm and I'm literally about to go to bed, so it'll be nice to get some energy back! I'm planning on hitting the treadmill at the gym tomorrow with two bras lol. I vote we keep this thread going, or create a group so we can all compare our progress as the months go on. Will be interesting to see everyone's progress in 6 months. Ok night all!
  19. Congrats Alison! I'm so jealous of your hubby's reaction! Mine still hasn't given me a compliment on my new assets! He said he's waiting for them to settle first...pfft! Whatever! You guys have seen my before and after pics, I'm pretty happy with the results! Oh well, no action for him until he gives me some damn appreciation lol. Men! Rant over.... Good luck for tomorrow bellaM!!
  20. Good luck titteez!! Don't be nervous, the drugs are great and make you so calm and spaced out as soon as you are on the table! The only thing I remember about being on the operating table was setting off the heart rate monitor every few seconds because apparently my resting heart rate was so low and I remember dr H telling me I was disgustingly fit and then I drifted off into la la land! Hope you have a great experience and looking forward to hear how it goes. Alison, hope you managed to get some sleep! You will be fine! You'll be on the boobie side before you know it
  21. Thanks boobie mumma! Some great ideas in there for me to use! Keep up the hard work! I'll have to wait abit longer before I get stuck into it as I went dual plane, but I can't wait for the hard workouts!

  22. Hey there....I'm only 10 days post op but I've started walking and doing lower body. My plan is to slowly incorporate upper body after about 6 weeks, just doing girly pushups and really light dumbbells. Hopefully start jogging at 6 weeks also. I know you're hoping to hear from people who are fully healed but just thought I'd putmy 2 cents in
  23. Good luck for tomorrow Alison! I was measured at bras n things today.....10DD! Holy moly. I don't believe it though. I tried on the complete comfort bras and fell in love....but do you think they had any 10DD in stock?, nooooo and no twin packs online either, so I'll have to wait until they restock to buy. Highly recommend the bra as it has removable wires so we can keep on wearing them as an everyday bra forever. Pretty expensive though. I bought 4 crops drop target and big w today....all for $10 each! Bargain! I've managed to start exercising again, just walking and doing lower body and it feels great. Gastro all gone. Ready for a full week of work. Boobs have been pretty sore though!
  24. Haha Oakley! My hubby hasn't reaped the rewards yet and probably won't for a little while yet (that's probably because he's my hubby and not my boyfriend lol) Your pics are amazing, they really can't be faulted, the size and shape are pretty much perfect, maybe you could become a nude model now? Lol
  25. Does anyone know if it's ok to start taking vitamins and fish oil tablets again?? Wasn't sure if I needed to stay off them for a while after surgery.....
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