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  1. I ended up paying with a post office travel card (well 2 as there's a $15k limit so I split the funds between mine and hubbys), after watching the rates for a few weeks they had a stable $ to buy. With the travel card you sign up at the p/o and can load Thai baht then and there at their rates. I can't remember exactly but there's a limit you can use per day. But after all the research I done it was the best/safer option I could find. I think there was a $15aud to withdraw the funds if there was $ left on it.
  2. Thanks @Sonnic yer I feel amazing, getting back to normal lol, yes I did but the comments are coming from everywhere. Not that I'm asking for them the biggest reactions I get is from myself I honestly feel amazing, still swollen but getting that under control with the lymphatic drainage massage once a week is really helping and seen improvements straight away
  3. Hahaha thanks ? Very happy was preparing for a wedding in a freezing small town lol
  4. I have love his work in soooooo happy with his work
  5. Hi there dr narupon is an amazing surgeon I haven't had any major problems, although I can say the lack of communication once I got home sucked. I've emailed him when I 1st got home and still haven't heard anything. As for the hospital it was good, well the staff were and the food was GROSS lol
  6. No worries, don't go spending a fortune on garments seriously I did and never used it I was thankful I was able to return it lol. You can't go wrong with these ones (will post pics) they aren't expensive either which is also a bonus lol bras $12 from best and less and the spanks are $25 from big w
  7. Yes unfortunately I still haven't heard anything, as for the GP it's not exactly the scenario I was expecting as they aren't very helpful in that department as they aren't trained surgeons so it's very frustrating. In my circumstances @Sonnic that time frame would have worked well for me. I wanted to be up walking the next day although they didn't want me to lol but with in the 2nd week I was walking up straight and fine I actually was out shopping at the night markets not long after leaving the hospital lol I would say that beside that small infection I have healed very well and quickly just yesterday I played my 1st game of netball for the season and I felt fantastic after (except my feet felt like they were on fire lol)
  8. Hi @Sonnic yes it is a disappointment, good luck with all your procedures. My recovery is going good besides the couple of issues but the infection is clearing up which is also good news lol
  9. Thanks @mumO5 for your reply. Yer I'm finding that not many reply after their surgeries which kind of sucks lol. I am good and yes I seen my GP but she just offered me to see her cosmetic surgeon co-worker (whom I had my 1st consult with knowing nothing and not knowing the difference between a cosmetic and plastic surgeon lol I opted no for him as I felt he was only good to go for the money) and fears he would make me feel how u felt seeing someone else. I think my skin is mainly dry was where they had my wrapped up in my dressings so I'm not sure. I'm going to see another GP tomorrow about my slowly healing boob so I might point it out then and see what he suggests about it. Good luck with you revision and repair
  10. Also I'm noticing I'm getting bruises on my thighs I don't recall bumping into anything but could this maybe be something?
  11. Not getting ANY replies or answers from my surgeon nor the company I went with so disappointed about that but is a different story. So I've had a mummy makeover (TT, BR, Lipo) in Phuket (3rd April) now I have almost all my dressing off and healing well (except 1 breast has slight infection and is taking a little longer healing antibiotics to help) but I'm finding my skin is VERY dry could/should I moisturise? And another topic with my liposuction on my flanks and upper tummy (under boob) it's lumpy and hard should I be worried? Can anyone in Sydney recommend anyone to go and see? That's not going to put me down coz I went overseas for my surgeries?
  12. Yes it is but like I said I'm fussy with food on a good day but hubby did say it's not the nicest too and he would eat anything lol I had tummy tuck breast reduction and lipo on my flanks and upper tummy (under my boobs)
  13. Today is day 9 and I'm feeling great and much more comfortable with tummy control underwear rather then the binder (one the hospital gave me) yesterday I seen Dr Narupon for my 1st check up and he wants to take stitches out on Thursday (day 11) so I'm a little nervous for that lol dr also stopped my antibiotics as everything looks good. Will keep you all updated
  14. Hi there my experience with dr Narupon was amazing I can't fault him (still healing), I seen many of surgeons in Sydney before deciding to come to Thailand for my surgeries and not 1 of 5 surgeons I seen recommended what I had done as the best solution to fix my problems. I was like u trying to find as much info as I could even had a melt down to my husband about maybe booking in for a 2nd consult with another surgeon just because of my bad luck with not trusting/feeling comfortable with any in Sydney lol. I'm VERY HAPPY AMD EXCITED about what Dr Narupon has been able to do for me. From the second I met with Dr Narupon it took me all of 15 minutes of leaving the consult to pay and know what I was doing to be honest I had a long list of things i would have liked to have had done but together with my husband I decided it was too much for 1 procedure but would definitely come back and see him shall I not be able to correct the remaining areas or for any further surgery. Although the one fault I had was with the hospital food yep it was gross lol
  15. Congrats @Viv hope your pain eases really soon and you have a fast recovery. Today is day 5 Po I had my tummy drains removed and was discharged from hospital and back at my resort. Phuket international hospital was beautiful all the staff were amazing my only suggestion is save some numbers for food delivery as the food is pretty rank lol I don't think I was given 1 hot meal (although I'm sure they were suppose to be hot) I ate cornflakes for 4 days lol. I'm healing well swollen but as expected and my boobies I'm in love with lol unfortunately I suffered from bed sores on my bottom I'm hoping it all recovers quickly as it's not fun to deal with escpecially that I can't sit lay or stand for too long and my tummy drain s were put on my flanks as I had lots of lipo there and now I'm resting up haven't taken pain meds for a few days now so I'm happy with that although I get small niggling pains here and there but they are bearable. Will keep you all updated as time goes on ?
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