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  1. Just to let everyone know, I have screened and approved Gemma's credentials to post this survey. I appreciate any support you can give to her research. Thanks
  2. I had a TT surgery when I had a mild cold, and it was definitely a mistake. I asked the nurses pre-op, and they said it would be fine. The days after my surgery were really hard, because I developed a 'cough', which was SO painful on my newly stitched up abdominal muscles, that I tried to avoid coughing so I would not rip anything. Then the day after I went home, I felt TERRIBLE, and knew something was horribly wrong. I managed to barely hobble into my GP's office, and he diagnosed me with a very deep chest infection. He told me that I needed to cough regularly (every hour), in order to clear out the infection in my lungs, or it would turn into pneumonia. I told him that I was afraid of damaging the muscles I'd just had repaired, and he said "Pneumonia would be worse". He gave me some meds that helped to thin the mucous, and hopefully help it to cough up a little easier, and some extra strength antibiotics. It was a very painful week. I recovered, but coughing was an '11' on the pain scale, and I wouldn't want to go through it again. General Aneasthetic can make lung problems worse. So make sure you are not coughing before surgery, and if you have to postpone surgery- it's worth it- trust me!!
  3. We changed the privacy settings when we changed the forum. It made everyone's photos private automatically, which means that members need to make the album available to their friends by changing the settings (upper right corner, near their name).
  4. It is really hard to say whether the 9kgs will be a big factor because it depends on WHERE you carry weight. If most of that is in your bum and thighs, you could be fine, if a lot of the weight is on your middle, it might be a bigger issue. I would try to lose half that weight in the coming month, that seems more attainable, and the last 4 kgs will probably not be such a big issue.
  5. Hi Everyone, Firstly, I apologize for the LONG week of no PSF... we were in the process of getting a new site designed when there was an unexpected technical crash... unfortunately it wasn't planned, so we couldn't give prior notice, but we have a great new technical team that are building a fabulous new site, with loads of new features, so it won't happen again! The Friend's photo issue is actually a privacy setting that can be changed in the users settings, so that your friends can see your albums. We have a new feature called the "photo gallery" that will display public albums in a centralized location, but because of this new feature, we wanted to make sure everyone started off private, and had the option to switch over if they wanted to. We would LOVE lots of members to take advantage of the new gallery option, and share their photos so that our newbies can see lots of before and afters. If you have any problems, feel free to message me, or post a new thread asking for help. Thanks for your patience, everyone!
  6. WHAT? This site is the NOT the BE ALL and END ALL? hahaha, well it should be Vlinder: if your surgeon is good, make sure you come back here and tell everyone about your experience so someone else can find them when they search!
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  10. Ok, I will work on this. Thanks for letting me know, I will let you know when I have it working Thanks for your patience!
  11. I don't think they have been deleted, but we are working out some kinks with the site at the moment, so I will try to get my IT person to look into it. When you say you can't reply, what does it say when you write a post?
  12. Hey Guys... I know that the site being downed sucked... I didn't sleep the whole week!! haha.... no seriously... stressing about how long it was going to take to get it live again, but mostly stressing about the girls who were having their surgeries with no support... ohhh it seriously was the longest week ever... BUT it is up now, and will be fine from here on out. It was a server issue, they messed up and moved it without warning to another account and left my IT person racing to copy it and move it across. As you can see, the homepages are missing still, but the silver lining to all of this is that it will give us an opportunity to create a new and better website with more features in the near future. Lots of exciting things in the pipeline! Let me know if there are any kinks that you are still having issues with. I think the pictures are uploading, but if not let me know! Thanks for your loyalty and patience, you guys are awesome! Emily
  13. Just a test, disregard please Image upload it's working fine
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