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  1. I am hoping it is that they are dropping at different rates, however my incision on one seems higher, I think I can feel the edge of the implant below the incision line. My other breast the incision sits tucked under and you cant even see it. Fingers crossed for good news though
  2. I completely retract what I said above. Whilst my care team was amazing and the nurses are awesome, my breasts have gone rapidly downhill. Lack of symmetry and fairly sure I bottomed out. Sad as I was so happy for the first 2 weeks and personally know 2 girls that had perfect results from the same TCI. So stressed and confused!
  3. Hey guys, unfortunately my recovery is going down hill. I feel fine but my breasts look more and more fucked up everyday. I wrote an email to my post op nurse with my week 3 photos about asymmetry which is getting progressively worse and she booked me an appointment to have a phone consult with my surgeon tomorrow. I am devastated. I am praying my surgeon will tell me my condition is normal and the issue will resolve as they drop but I have a gut feeling it's not and I will require a revision. I was so happy with my experience until the last week. I look fine clothed but nude I am a mess. Just wanted to rant I guess. I feel such bad asymmetry is a surgical error so I am hoping it won't be too expensive. Any who has had a revision at TCI would be great to hear your experiences.
  4. Im two weeks and just started to look normal, just drink heaps of water and move around as much as you can. It was actually the side effect I felt worst about, I jad hardly any pain but I honestly looked like I was about to give birth and had to borrow my moms size 16/18 clothes (Im usually a 10). It was insane lol
  5. @Slatts you look fantastic!! Good luck to all the rest of you ladies x
  6. I just posted a photo on the Feb 2016 boobs thread, I was completely flat before and am a bit taller than you so it might be able to give you some perspective?
  7. I have 450cc and so far I'm disappointed I couldn't go bigger haha, I think you will look fine 😌
  8. This is amazing! I hope mine start to look like this soon. I don't have any lower pole atm 😓
  9. Only thing I will add is that if your case is not entirely straight forward do not go to TCI, go to a plastic surgeon. I ended up going smaller then I would have prefered due to my breast pre op, because I was from out of state I ended up just going with it because I spent so much money and took time off work. I cannot fault the experience apart from that, and they tried their best to get my dream outcome (which I still might get after d&f).
  10. I also had mine with dr kenny and am 1 week post op today! Also had a great experience, the whole team there is lovely, and so helpful!
  11. I think I will size myself online and then head to the shops. The next six weeks is going to drag by waiting to buy nice undies 😩
  12. Quick question to all ladies finally out of the hideous post op bra - where did you get fitted for your new sized bra? I quite a way off that yet, but my mum said that Bra N Things are useless and just shove you into the limited sizes they carry. Before my BA I never even bothered getting measured properly because there was nothing, but now I want some nice and supportive bras when I am able to wear them again. Any opinions or suggestions are welcome, if you have had a good experience at bnt that would be awesome haha
  13. This has been the worst part for me! Morning boob and bloating- feel like I'm pregnant
  14. Thanks ladies, Ill give it a few more days and if still completely numb will give my doctor a call
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