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  1. Hi ladies, I've finally made the decision after a long time to get the girls done. I'm a mother of 2 and have slightly saggy breasts. Currently a 12D but want to go to a DD/E. I've been on a mission to get to my goal weight and have 5 kgs to go so super stoked about that. I've in the process of research at the moment. Have 3 options: 1. Dr Zion Chan - had my consultation with him, he recommended 500CC-550CC as my breasts are slightly different sizes and that I only have a level 1 droop so the implants will improve that without a lift required (I really don't want a lift) - he is around $7K 2. Dr Mark Kahout - booked in to see him next Friday. I understand he is only $4K ax 3. Dr Witoon Thailand - I've spoken with Destination Beauty (my friend used them) and I can get them done by him in July for $4K. So where I've got to is, if Dr Kahout seems good and I'm comfortable with him I would no doubt book him as it's the same price as Thailand. My husband and I have spoken about Thailand and feel the surgery is no more risky there than in Sydney, in fact, the facilities look better and we would chuck in a family holiday at the same time. although, I just found out I wouldn't be able to swim due to the bandages/stitches etc. Anyway, I guess I'm just trying to get some feedback from anyone that has done the above. Whilst price isn't the final factor, I don't understand why some surgeons are twice the price of others. The implants would all be the same price. When I spoke with the nurse at Dr Chan's, she said that if I wanted to have the procedure done at Bondi it would cost another $1000. I asked if that was purely because it's in the Eastern Suburbs and she said yes. I'm pleased I've finally got to the year it's all going to happen and I'll have lovely full breasts again.
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