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    at the moment a saggy small 10b after breast feeding 3 beautiful babies, going to 315 or 360 dual placement furry brazilians with Dr Harwood
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    Dr Harwood 24th September
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    164cm 58kg a saggy 10a/b
  1. Hey Ladies thank you so much. You have all put my mind at ease. I am 3 weeks post op so was not sure if this was normal at this time.
  2. Can anyone tell me after BA if the numb feeling on the lower side of your breast goes away and if so how long does it take? I have this...it is like when you scratch there it feels like scratching over clothing.
  3. Oh my god ....One day that is terrible I hope she is going to be ok....I have brazilians and I am not yet three weeks post op and mine are firm but I can still squish them and they get softer every day. I have tried to push them together but only a little bit ......something is very wrong with your friends implants by the sounds of things.....may be you should show her what the ladies on this forum say about it and maybe then she will do something before she gets worse. This was my biggest fear before I got them done but am just so happy now. I hope it all workes out for her:)
  4. Hi Ladies, I don't get chance to get on here much just wanted to check in and say a big congrats to all our September girls we all have boobies now how awesome is that. I am sorry to hear what happened honeybee I hope all goes well for you down the track. Hey Lozz hope you are having a smooth recovery. Yay for boobies xoxo
  5. Congrats Billychic so happy for you. Hope it is a fast recovery.xo
  6. Hi ladies it has been a while since I have been able to get on and keep up to date. It is good to hear everyone is recovering well. I had a pretty good recovery. I only took panadol and was off them end of day three. I had a lot of bruising and swelling and I think the only thing was that the antibiotics I was on made me feel nauseous. I have put up some pics of pre op and post op. The pre op ones are hideous but so happy I don't look like that any more. I am 43 soon and wanted a natural look. I am happy so far only a week in.
  7. Good luck Billychic It will be over before you know it.
  8. Hi Ladies, So sorry it has taken a while. My phone died and when I got home there was family there that don't know about my new assets so it has been hard to get on the computer. I first of all want to say congrats to BellaM, Titeez, SmallJoy, bettywilma and hope all is going well with your recovery and good luck to allaboutboobs, Barely_There and pattytrixia. I hope you are all as happy as I am with your new girls. at the moment I am trying to put up pics in between trying to hide from the visiting family. I will try again later but will have them up soon. xoxo
  9. Yeah bettywilma dr h said i could go either 315 or 360 but he showed me i would look better wit the 315's and hubby agreed so i went with what dr h said.. I am very happy and not a lot of pai , maybe tomorrow but i. Am prepared i have lots of good advise from the ladies on here an thanks Jenjen fabout the ice
  10. Yeah i do feel great a little tight across the top of the chest but i am waiting till i have to start taking pain killers. I will take it easy. Thanks you girls are awesome support. :-) xoxo
  11. Thanks sandy yeah i am so happy i can't believe they can look so good so soon but still have to swell up. I will be putting pics up as soon as i get home i just said to my husband don't worry if i getmy kit off when we are walking down the street i just feel the need to flash em now i have em. We went for a walk but i behaved ;-)
  12. Thanks mrstag i am so happy i still haven't had any pain killers yet but i think i will have to soon. :-)
  13. Oh jenjen i am so happy and dr h is just so loveable he was so patient and caring. I went in at 7.30 and I apparently woke up in the middle of the op and mumbled something and then back off to sleep. I can't remember it though. I only have a heavy feeling at the top of my chest. So happy showed my husband and all he could say was wow. :-)
  14. I am now in the big girl boobie club and dr h is amazing. :-)
  15. Thanks JENJEN I HOPES SO. MY PHONE HAS DECIDED TO GET STUCK ON CAPS LOCK LOL. JJUST FREAKING OUT A LITTLE AT THE MOMENT SO IF I DON'T MAKE SENSE THATS WHY. I HAVE 5 HOURS B 4 MY OP AN CAN'T SLEEP. QUOTE=JenJen;33929]Good luck alison! Definitely go with Dr H's recommendation - he has a great eye for proportion Relax and enjoy - they're going to be great!! xx
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