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  1. @rebeccalee Long time since I've been around! You look amazing! I also got sized at Bras n Things as 10E, but yours look bigger than mine I wish I had your cleavage! Are you noticing any changes still now that you're a couple of months out? I feel like mine haven't changed much over the last month but I want them to look a bit more natural! I hope you (and everyone else here) are doing well xx
  2. Do you know if Leah has an IG or something where I can check out her work? I found a lady called Fiona who works at Highpoint, but I haven't heard anyone recommend her lol I got Juvederm 2 months ago and I'm hoping to find someone cheaper than who I saw for when I want a top up ($650 for 1ml!) She did a great job, but I'd love to save money if I can! xx
  3. Nope haven't gone bra shopping yet! At the moment I'm feeling pretty down about them being small so I can't face getting them measured/fitted. Hopefully I start feeling better soon because this sucks lol. You're looking fantastic @anna6, I hope you're happy with your results so far ? same thing happens to me if i sleep on my side too long, but it's not too bad and it's gotten a little better. I'm 10 weeks post op today ?
  4. @Geripix me too, so let's hope I'm right
  5. @Geripix I'm not sure how it works lol, but I think you'll end up looking more like an E once they soften up the 'E's you're looking at are probably a lot further down the recovery line!
  6. http://www.myer.com.au/shop/mystore/bodysoft-basics-bra-amnbtshbr-885630710-885634130 I've been living in these bras the last 2 weeks (wearing one in my profile pic lol) - I've got one in nude and one in black. They're super comfy. Biggest cup size is a D though! Ambra have a couple of other bras in the Bodysoft range but this is the most flattering one lol.
  7. The only thing I've missed is sleeping comfortably on my tummy, otherwise no way!! Haven't missed them for a second
  8. My nipples are still super sensitive, but I think a little bit less than before. My underboob is just as numb though, but that doesn't bother me at all. I'm still wearing my compression bra to bed because it's super comfy, but I don't have to. I don't wear it all during the day anymore.
  9. Yep happened to me on the weekend when it was 35 degrees. I was looking out for it after I read this post lol, and an hour or so later the underside of my breasts were still very cold even though I was outside in heat
  10. Mine was pretty much over in 3-4 weeks. I'm 6 weeks post op now and have zero discomfort when I wake up
  11. @Haylo*** I'm sorry to hear that, sounds very unfortunate for sure ? I don't blame you for being upset, I know I would be! But I'm sure all will heal great in the end ❤ How was everyone's holidays? I had my first day back yesterday, I'm pretty sad to be back lol! I feel like I haven't taken enough progress shots of my recovery due to the holidays, but here are some from this morning. I'm 6 weeks post op tomorrow! My left breast has definitely dropped/settled better than my right (it's bigger and has a better shape, more evident in some photos) but I'm not stressed yet as there's still a loooong way to go.
  12. Hi @Annie Les hope you're feeling okay! It isn't the 'usual' to not wear a compression bra straight after surgery, however it's not unusual either - I've read that some doctors want their patients to go bra free immediately following surgery. Others only wear a crop top. Some are told they can wear whatever bra they like. Each surgeon has their method that they believe in. Give him a call if you're worried, but I'd trust him! I'm also interested, who's your surgeon?
  13. @Excited33 looking great so far I wouldn't worry too much, my left is currently a little bigger than my right. I know they drop/heal at different rates so it's too soon to start getting worried (although in the back on my mind I'm still stressing a little lol). My surgeon said that all is good, and I'm sure yours will say the same! Hopefully yours settle down soon so you can put your mind at ease.
  14. @Madsamuffin I'm with you there on the maternity bras lol. I have one from Bonds that's really comfy!
  15. Looking great @rebeccalee I hope you're doing okay now @anna6. I'm sure the pain is nothing to be worried about
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