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  1. @HarperHen - was wondering if you wouldn't mind divulging how much Dr Richardson charges for implant removal. I'm seriously considering having mine taken out and am ringing him first thing in the morning to make an appointment. I'd like him to check me out and see if he can see anything wrong with my boobs without me telling him my symptoms and which side hurts more. I can't stand the feel of them, they're hard, they make my arms and shoulders ache and I can just feel that they're there ALL the time. It's uncomfortable and I'd give anything to have my old saggy baggy boobs back with no pain. I'm almost 12 months post-op, but I think I've ridden this out for long enough - as it's been going on for quite some time.
  2. I just want to ask if what I'm experiencing and feeling is normal for a BA and BL. I had mine 10 months ago and recovery has been good. Just wondering if I'm over-sensitive and fussy or if there might actually be a bit of an issue with what I'm feeling. Here's a rundown of what's been happening: - Boobs sometimes feel like they are swollen (and I mean "swollen") and tight - not from overdoing it or not wearing a bra - no reason for them to be feeling this way - Get aches down my arms (especially the top half of my arm along the bottom of the bicep) - Have to sleep with a bra on because if my boobs fall to the side (under your arms) then they are so painful - One boob was slower to drop and fluff than the other and feels a bit tighter/harder than the other one - Nipples are so sensitive that they are sore I read about girls saying that their boobs don't feel out of place or that they don't feel them at all. Mine are the opposite - they're pretty much my focus all day, every day. Am weighing up whether to stick it out and see if things improve or have them removed and have things go back to normal. Don't know what's going on.....
  3. Just wondering what a seroma feels like. I had my TT 10 months ago and everything went fine. I've healed quickly and neatly. I remember how tight my tummy was for the first few months after surgery. It was that tight that it limited me as to how much food I could eat! Now I have this massive bloating across the top part of my stomach and it swells up that much that I can't stand up straight and I can feel it pulling down near my TT scar. I've been for a CT scan today and am hoping it's the recurrence of a hernia that I had repaired 12 months ago. But the more self-diagnosis I do the more answers I'm coming up with. I thought maybe irritable bowel syndrome, abdominal wall tearing, now I'm thinking seroma. It's not there all the time. This morning I felt fine and I ripped around and mopped two decks and staircases and vacuumed and mopped the house. Come 1 o'clock and I could feel my tummy starting to bloat and I've pretty much been incapacitated ever since. I can't work out what triggers it, whether it's food or overdoing things - still working on that one. Has anybody got any ideas?
  4. @Poppie - I went through Beauty Abroad on the Gold Coast. Surgery was with Dr Narupon at PPSI, Phuket. So pleased with the results. PM me if you want to know more. Only too happy to help.
  5. Hi @MURPHY. I'm Week 8 post-op from my Mummy Makeover in Thailand. Dr Narupon from PPSI was my surgeon and he's done a wonderful job. I didn't go through Cosmeditour, but am happy to share with you who I did go with if you PM me. I'm home resting today because I overdid it two days ago and it felt like I pulled or "broke" something in my tummy so I'm taking it extra easy for a few days. Up for a PM chat if you'd like. I, like you, moved pretty quickly when it came to doing this. Took me all of four weeks from getting a quote here in Australia (and not being happy with it), organising my passport, contacting tour company and finally getting there. The only thing that was going to stop me was if my passport didn't turn up in time! Anyway, happy to answer any questions you may have.
  6. So I'm almost Week 8 post-op from my Mummy Makeover and I've noticed that after I eat a big meal (usually dinner) my tummy goes numb. Maybe it's more noticeable because my tummy bloats from eating too much food as I don't really notice the numbness after other meals. It usually stays numb for a couple of hours after I finish eating. Does anybody else get this? Also wondering how much of something someone would have to do to pop a hernia after a tummy tuck? I've had two scenarios where I've over-exerted myself and have noticed that it affected my tummy, not so much pain wise, but more uncomfortable and made me too frightened to stand up straight in case I do (or have already done) any damage. I scored my first hernia when I was Week 6 post-op by transplanting a rather large cycad plant. But I'm wondering what would it take for the existing hernia (or a fresh one) to appear now after my tummy has been ripped to shreds and is so weak. I'm so ****ing paranoid of getting another hernia. Every little twinge has me on edge!
  7. I'd go public at RBWH and would more than likely score the same surgeon who repaired it last year. It's keyhole surgery, so not that bad, and he did the muscle repair last year so one would think that the recovery this time round wouldn't be as severe as last time with the muscle repair (that's a killer)! Fingers crossed for tomorrow when I find out.
  8. Hey all - @Kihafu, @pearlhobbes, @Icequeen69, @Happy Again - everybody's been so quiet! Just wondering how you're all getting on with your recovery. Everybody happy with everything. I'm cruising along nicely. My left boob finally settled in the last five days which is good cos they were starting to be annoying. Tummy is very tight and scars are healing well. Had a bit of a scare last night and won't know the full verdict until tomorrow, but I think I might've popped my hernia out! Damn thing. I've been so worried about this happening, but I thought it would pop out the side of where the mesh is, not straight up where it was before. Will see GP tomorrow to find out. Have you ever heard of anybody popping a repaired hernia? The surgeon who did my hernia repair is the gastroenterologist at Brisbane Royal and he is also the go to man for obesity and weight loss. He did my lapband and gastric bypass and I was lucky enough to score him at the Royal for my hernia repair. (The poor man knows my insides better than I do)! Anyway, I would've thought that he would make it extra strong considering he knew that I am a weight loss patient and would most likely one day go down the tummy tuck track. I don't know, I'm just so worried and can't believe this could happen.
  9. Hmmm, bit stressed at the moment. Think I might've popped out my hernia! My tummy has been so tight after my TT, which is not a bad thing, but tight to the point where it's restricting how much food I can eat. I've started eating small meals more often through the day as I can't get through my normal meals at dinner time without feeling uncomfortable afterwards. Anyway, tried on a pair of tight jeans yesterday - doing the old squatting and bending over to try and stretch them a fraction - and then a couple of hours later I felt very, very uncomfortable, couldn't really stand up straight without it feeling like my tummy was pulling, and then there's the small lump on my tummy (right where the old hernia was). Is it common for people to pop an old hernia after it has been repaired and covered in heavy duty mesh? If anything, I was worried about it popping out the sides of the mesh, not straight back up the middle of where it was.
  10. Hi @Sandirella Just wanted to show you a few pics of my Mummy Makeover. My tummy is as flat as they come, so happy with the results. Thought you might like to check them out seeing as though I'm Week 7 out from my surgery. I wear my hospital binder 24/7 and would be lost without it. The only time I take it off is to shower or if I've eaten too much and my tummy swells up and I'm uncomfortable, but it only stays off for an hour or so while I'm laying down watching TV. It just feels so good and holds everything in place. I've added you to my gallery friends so check out my pics. Any questions, I'm happy to answer them.
  11. You need to go on a "medical tour" so then you won't be on your own. I had a Mummy Makeover in Phuket 7 weeks ago and went with a company on the Gold Coast - all by myself! The recovery was lovely - no kids, no husband, nothing to do BUT rest and recuperate. That wouldn't have happened if I'd had it done in Australia. Five nights in hospital and then 12 days at the hotel. For me, it was the best and only way to recover. As soon as I got home I was straight back into it, cleaning house, making beds, etc, etc. I was quoted $11,250.00 by Dr Richardson for Tummy Tuck day surgery in Brisbane. Ended up paying $7,500.00 for my Tummy Tuck at PPSI Thailand (with five nights in hospital). I don't know how you'd do day surgery because you have drains inserted into your tummy to drain excess fluid and blood and mine didn't get taken out until Day 3. I thought I could handle day surgery, as in the pain, but there's so much more to it that I'm glad I stayed in hospital. Would be nothing worse than ending up with an infection or something like that.
  12. Hi there @Mum with Two and @Fedbel. Just wondering who you ended up going with in Thailand? I'm six weeks out from my Mummy Makeover over there and I had Dr Narupon. He did a fabulous job on me - I'm very happy with the results (see pic). I paid AU$16K for the three procedures (tummy tuck, breast lift, implants) compared to the quote I got here in Brisbane for AU$26K. I ended up paying roughly AU$7,500 for the tummy tuck and about the same for the lift and implants combined. Feel free to PM me if you're after some more information. Only too happy to help!
  13. I highly recommend the Berlei post-op bra - soooo comfy and supportive. Got mine from Myer.
  14. I feel like that every day, provided I've gotten enough sleep! I'm at that stage of being almost Week 6 and this is the same time I felt invincible after my gastric bypass operation last year and I overdid it and earned my stomach hernia. Best to stick to light duties for a bit longer yet.
  15. I'm Week 5 and I was thinking the same thing. Guess the lawn will be going without a mow for a bit longer then....
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