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  1. Hi I am 41 and I don't like the droopiness around my mouth. I find it very aging. I am considering having a facelift but worried that it may be a bit early to do it at my age. Also wanting to find out what better or other alternatives there are. I have tried botox and fillers but it doesn't seem to do much and is very expensive. I am thinking a facelift might be cheaper. Has anyone else had surgery or non invasive procedures to correct this problem? I wonder what options are for me as the rest of my face is fine
  2. Hi I am 41 and about 2 years ago I was considering a brow lift as my eyelids seemed pretty saggy and my brows had dropped. About that time I started facial exercises where I lifted my brows up and down every day until they were tired. I now to this everyday and can be done anytime or anywhere (that people are not watching you). I now no longer have any need for a brow lift and have saved myself the cost and pain of an operation. It really works.
  3. If it makes you feel better I am 165cm tall, 51kg. I got 350cc and now at 5 weeks post op I have noticed that the left one has shrunk heaps compared to the right one. I figure the left one is more indicative of what the end result will be and there is quite a lot of difference between the look at 3 weeks vs the look at 5 weeks. I am thinking that they will probably shrink further. ALthought I was really happy with the size up until now.. now I am wishing I went a bit bigger..like 400cc. So I would say don't worry until you give it another month to see if they shrink once the swelling goes down
  4. An update in this. ..i was told to remove my tape at 2 weeks which i did. That's when the pain started. I put the tape back on this afternoon after s week with no tape and noticed am almost immediate reduction in the pain. I think 2 weeks is way too early to remove the tape from the incisions. At least I've finally found a solution...it was driving me crazy
  5. Hi I am 3 weeks post op (tomorrow) after having 350cc dual plane put in in Brisbane. I am finding my left boob is fine but my right one is giving me constant grief. It is this awful aching, stabbing pain all around my incision but mainly in my ribs underneath my incision. The actual incision looks fine... it is clearly not infected.. it is healing nicely. The pain is making me grumpy and tired. I don't want to be living on pain killers for weeks so I have only been taking 2 panadols a day which give me mild relief. It is driving me crazy. I do have some periods without the pain usual
  6. I am a massage therapist and i did a couple of massages today as I'm 2 weeks post op and feeling good. I've been doing a lot of arm and shoulder stretches too to relieve spasm in muscles. Tonight i started to get pain around my right incision. Ican't work out what the problem is. It looks fine but the pain is fairly intense...enough for me to take pain killers. I can't quite pinpoint where the pain is coming from. It is the bottom of my right breast around the incision. I have internal stitches. I hope i haven't done any damage massaging today or stretching my muscles. Anyone else experien
  7. I got 350cc anatomical. I'm 51kg, 165cm tall with under bust measurement of 70cm. They are an ideal size and shape.
  8. You beauty. That is great to hear. My implants are not that big (although they feel it to me). they are only 350cc. Good to know I can wear other bras.
  9. LOL I actually bought that exact bra a couple of days ago. I have bought a few different sports bras that are much more comfy but the nurse said that I really need to wear a post op bra because I think they squash your boobs a particular way. I am 2 weeks tomorrow. If it is ok for me to wear those kinds of bras that is awesome. My nurse may be erring on the side of caution telling me it has to be a post op bra that is made especially for that because she doesn't know over the phone what type of bras I am going to choose. I am not sure what the actual purpose of the bra is.. if it is j
  10. Hi I am a bit broke atm after having so much time off work and my post op bras are driving me nuts they are so uncomfy I just want to rip them off. I am looking at buying some new bras but it is going to cost me at least over $100 for a couple of new bras. I am wondering if anyone who has finished with their bras are selling them for a cheaper price? My UB measurement is 70cm and my bust size is 87 so according to the Berlei sizing I am a 10C
  11. Thank you for this post.. my bra is driving me crazy so I am looking for a new one.
  12. I am finding it impossible to not put any strain at all on my pecs. I'm 10 days po and so far I've been doing short walks and have had to wheel my suitcases from the airport, push trolleys and carry light shopping bags. I did glute bridges today and attempted some pilates type sit ups. I hope I'm not pushing myself too hard. I feel fine . I've also been doing quite a few stretches to reduce muscle spasm.
  13. sounds like your pain meds aren't strong enough. I didn't feel much pain first 2 days i was too busy wanting to vomit and hiccuping from endos side effects. Hope you feel better soon. Just think of how awesome they'll look!
  14. i have similar stats...165cm and 51kg. I went 350cc dual plane. I wanted the natural look. I am absolutely over the moon so far with the result. So happy i didn't go larger. If someone wants the fake look then they could go larger but things to consider are that its going to be a more painful recovery and bigger boobs will get in the way of exercise as well as limiting your clothing options. 350cc looks quite big on my frame but still in proportion. 500cc would have been way too big and I'm so thankful i didn't go any larger
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