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    DR AVERY 10/3/16
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  1. Pics from the front don't show the difference so well but feom above the difference is quite obvious.
  2. Hi all. I'm 4 weeks post op and my left breast is more swollen than the other. So it is also larger than the right side. The PS keeps telling me it's normal but I'm worried. I went into the op with the left breast slightly larger than my right and now the difference is more obvious. Looking for reassurance.
  3. Congrats. I had mine done on Thursday. 345cc overs. I feel terrific. Taking couple of nurofen in the morning then nothing until bedtime, panadeine forte just to ensure u sleep all night ? Hope the rest of your recovery goes well.
  4. I am 163cm and 61kg. I had mine done today. I have 345cc anatomicals above muscle. Perhaps 390cc as you're taller than me and I started with a B cup. You're in the right place here. The info I gained on this site has been invaluable. Look forward to reading what u decide on ☺
  5. Well. I'm done. Arrived at hospital at 6.30am. Went into surgery about 8.30am. Woke at around 11AM and was home at 1pm. Slept all afternoon. Feeling surprisingly well. Sore. Tight and heavy. But good. Just taking panadeine Forte for pain relief. The support on this page has been wonderful. I have learnt more here than anywhere else. Thank you all. ☺?
  6. Oh terrific. Will do . Thank you MissyHu.
  7. Hi Bellamiia, thank you for these images. I am 61kg and 162cm tall. I too have one breast 1.5cm lower than the other. So your example is particularly comparable to my stats :). If I achieve a result like yours I would be very happy. You look fantastic. I appreciate your info. Hi Rachy9156, your result is beautiful. Thanks for responding. You must be very happy. Perfect size for you.
  8. Totally agree JessR. They look amazing.
  9. Hi all. I had my second pre-op appointment with PS yesterday. Had vectra images taken amd have settled for Anatomical 345cc overs. Wondering if anyone has same or similar sized implants and is happy to.share images. I've shown friends my vectra images and they reckon I need to go bigger.......I'm 40 with 2 kids and want a natural look. ☺
  10. Hi. I am booked to have overs on 10/3. I have done a lot of reading and went for my second pre-op appointment with surgeon yesterday. I shared almost identical concerns to yours with my PS yesterday. I am a candidate for either placement. My surgeon, Dr Gary Avery of Hunter Plastic Surgery is VERY well respected and his advice to me was as.follows: Ignore the issue of sagging. All boobs sag. The muscle over the top in dual plane placement will not stop an implant from sagging. He said many surgeons do under muscle because that's simply 'what they do'. Unless you know someone who has had both,
  11. Thanks HarperHen. Yes, I dont want mine to sit high. To be honest, if/when they sag I wont be altogether concerned.......I am 40, mother of 2, one was BF - so sagging is part of my look Normal boobs sag, so if my implants sag too then I guess thats all a part of the 'natural' look..............With a 12B cup at the moment, requiring a lift due to sagging is a dream!! x
  12. Great advice. Thank you Love and glitter. The more questions I ask the more knowledge I gain thanks to you girls. Thanks for pointing out that the rippling effect can occur with either placement as I was unaware of this. Thanks again x Hi donatella - thats a fair point re gravity and unders being supported by the muscle. Im looking at a 285 to 345cc implant (not sure if I mentioned that in the thread), so mine will be smaller in comparison to some. Your info has added to my knowledge base. Its a steep learning curve this BA . Enjoying learning from girls who have personal experience
  13. Hi Katewell. Thank u for this info. Geez, what a journey you've been on. You poor thing. It sounds as though all is ok now though?!. Sorry, I forgot to mention my size. I'm a 12B. 2 kids, one BF. I had 2cm in the upper pole pinch test so I'm guessing that why I am a candidate for either option?. I train at the gym twice a week and do a lot of body weight and heavy weights training. I'm leaning towards above muscle at this stage.........the info and terminology is a little overwhelming still but this forum is awesome. What an awesome bunch of supportive people. Thanks again ☺ Hi Snack2015.
  14. Mum of three, I too am interested in the response from the girls. I had my initial consult today and am leaning towards teardrop but undecided re above or below muscle. Appreciate feedback.
  15. Hi All. First post for me! I'm hoping you can give me some much needed feedback please. Had my initial consultation with PS today. Contemplating surgery for 10 March. My question is implant placement, sub Pec or sub glandular. Doctor said I am suitable candidate for either. Have read up on pros and cons of both but would like some real life experience feedback. Thanks everyone ☺
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