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  1. Hello!!☺️ Mine are 330, round, high profile ... And I love them!! I am 45 kg, 157 tall, so very small but these are perfect for my frame as I wanted a more natural look
  2. Your surgery will be here before you know it!!! I have moments where I think oh I should have maybe gone 360 but the think no this is the right size for my body because I definitely didn't want a fake look. Because I was struggling to decide they actually ordered me 330 and 360 and had both sizes at the hospital on the day in case I changed my mind last minute, when dr birch came in to mark me up he checked that I was still happy to go with the 330 so they will probably do the same for you if you can't decide right now.
  3. Your just like me @Pamela2! I went back and tried on the 360 with my hubby and still couldn't decided... In the end Dr Birch said that he thought I would get the result I was after with the 330s anf because in very tiny the 360 would look quite big and less natural and I'm so glad I listened to him! My scarring is very minimal, I have them taped up but each few days I reapply the tape.l, they are fading so quickly and are very flat which is great! Have you booked your surgery date in yet?
  4. Hi ladies!!! I have just popped back online to see everyone's progress and do a little update as I'm now 5 weeks post op. So happy to see others having such a positive experience with Dr Birch and TBI!! My recovery from surgery has been really great and the support from the whole team at TBI has been amazing. It has always been made clear that they are there for you 24/7 with Dr Birch's mobile number and one of the reception ladies mobile numbers in case I had any crazy questions or concerns or needed reassurance those first few crazy days after surgery.. I am so happy with my result, it is
  5. Oh so happy to hear that all went well for you !!! I think day 2 and 3 is the worst ( which still isn't really that bad) then it's only uphill from there!! So excited for you to see how much they change everyday!!
  6. One of the receptionists told me that coconut water is great for flushing the anesthetic from your body the few days after surgery, certainly made me feel better!! Best of luck for tomorrow the staff at gaythorne are so lovely, will be the best money you ever spent!
  7. Hi ladies!!! I just thought that I should post a pic I took the morning after my surgery and the first time I got to see them. I won't like, when I saw them I freaked out a bit, they were square and so far apart and the darkness up the middle is actually bruising not a shadow. But can see just how much they changed that first 5 days. Thought it would be unfair to just show pics of them looking good, as this pic is the reality on day 2, so when you see yours and you have square boobs, don't panic!!
  8. @Pamela2.. I am so happy with my result so far, it is exactly what I asked him for. I got 330cc.. I considered 360cc, but he reccommended that I would get a more natural look for my frame with the 330 and I'm sooo glad I listened to him!! I slept propped up on 3 pillows the first 4 nights then he said I could lay flat again, thank god, because my back was killing me! @Shud6646 the post op spot was at TBI rooms at spring hill ☺️? I was a 10dd when I was breastfeeding so I didn't really have any of the kin stretching pain as they had already been stretched so much from that, so that w
  9. @Mezzy I did have my 5 day post op consult today.. Said I am healing well and have a great result! So nice to have the bandages off as I was soooo itchy! Just have tape over the scars for the next 6 weeks. He said that I looked like I didn't even have surgery 5 days ago because I am so active, but told me that I need to rest and not over do it. I'm so happy with my result, the swelling has gone down so much and they are getting softer by the day. Not on any medication now at all. I really can't say a bad thing about the whole experience, from Dr Birch to the lovely staff at Gaythorne and the
  10. So far so good.. A bit of pain in lefty today but I have more bruising on that side do that's probably why.. Had a shower today and felt great to take off the bra, even if it was only for 5 minutes. Still very swollen but have had ice packs in bra today to keep it at bay. So excited for your surgery, will come around so quick!!
  11. I go back on Tuesday for a check up so I would be 5 days post op. They will change the dressings on my incisions then. Yes I ended up sticking with the 330cc. I went and tried on the 360cc and even though there wasn't much difference we decided on the 330 due to being quite petite as I didn't want a fake look. I have had an ice pack in my bra today which has helped so much and have only had nurofen, the pain is subsiding so quickly.. I have been luck enough that my mother in law is staying with my husband and I for 2 weeks to help with our 5 yr old and 18 month old, so I will have lots of tim
  12. Oops I meant Dr Broadhurst was in there, not Dr Richardson!!
  13. Hi ladies!! Well I had my surgery yesterday and all went well!! I was in early with surgery at 8 am and was home by 2pm. They day hospital at gaythorne was amazing. Very small, incredibly clean and all the nurses were so friendly and made me feel so calm. Dr birch came to see me marked me up and let me go thru any last minute questions. I was very nervous so they gave me s bit of Valium to help calm my nerves. I did notice that dr Richardson was in my theatre as well overseeing the procedure. Next thing I knew I woke up in recovery. Dr Birch came into see me and let me know everything went wel
  14. Hi!! I went back for a second consult, thought I wanted to go slightly bigger but decided on 330cc.i have my surgery this Thursday!!!! I'm so excited!!! I feel really confident he will give me the result I am after ☺️ Have you booked in yet?
  15. I have my consult on Feb 22nd and if all goes well surgery on 3rd March with Dr Theo Birch.. I have heard great things about him! I can't wait!!
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