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  1. That's awesome! You might get lucky! I felt sore on day 3 for a little while but then felt great again. Honestly it's only now (almost 3 weeks PO) that I find they are a little achy but I think the nerves are coming to life and they are settling in. Plus I'm back and work and much more active with them. How are they looking?
  2. Yes! My sternum was swollen and felt sore and tight for about a week. I wore an icepack tucked into my crop most of the time. It really helped. This is me two weeks PO. Mucking around with crops and bikinis (heading to Hawaii in June!). Im getting feeling back in my breasts and nipples again causing a bit of pain, more stinging so I think the nerves are coming back. Totally bearable but definitely noticeable. I head back to work this afternoon. Hoping for a quite night at work....but I'm in a job that you just never know what happens next!
  3. So happy. His work is amazing. Im hoping its normal because mine a pointy too, I notice when I'm looking down at them. I'm 14 days PO. I'm sure they are just doing there thing settling in. They are great. Im a massive foodie too. Im yet to have a meal I haven't liked.
  4. They put a seamless Lorna Jane crop around your waist pre surgery so you will wake up with that one on, wear that until they supply you with your post op bra at your first appointment post op. It's huge, supportive and very nanna like, fastening at the front. They say you can wear the LJ one to bed or when the nanna bra is in the wash. You can buy the same LJ ones online or similar ones from Kmart. Honestly I haven't worn the ones I've bought yet.
  5. I stocked up on panadol, nurofen, probiotic and arnica. I also take tumeric tablets (a natural pain reliever and anti inflammatory). I used bags of peas as ice packs I also had tiny little ice packs to use on my sternum. I had my heat pack on hand in case I needed it. I placed an order with you foodz so that hubby's and my meals were sorted and I did a big cook up and froze meals for the kids. Our house cleaner came the day before surgery. It was so good climbing into my bed post surgery knowing that everything was sorted. I prepared expecting the worst post surgery but ended up with a walk in the park recovery. Youre a Dr R girl from memory right.....if so you are in great hands! He is a miracle worker! Goodluck, not long now.....
  6. @KittenLover I love them all. They look amazing! I'm jumping on Asos right now! Goodness I need to go back to work, can't stop online shopping!
  7. They look incredible @KittenLover. Ill try to take more this week and post. They are looking a lot better and bruising is going away. I just had my post op app (I'm 11 days PO now) I go back in 3 weeks and dr said as long as I'm still traveling the way I am, I'll be cleared to go back to all my pre op activities, including running and weights. I can't wait! I'm a fitness instructor on the side 3 nights a week and tonight will be the first night I instruct PO and not actually participate in my class. It's going to kill me!
  8. I worked out the morning and night before my surgery. Upper body too, HIIT, boxing and weights. Dr R gave me the thumbs up to do that too.
  9. Thanks for the heads up, all fixed :-)
  10. It's up, almost identical to my first lot. Only took side profile though, I'll take some more next week and see if they have moved a little closer. My post op bra seems to push them closer which is awesome and has helped the sternum swelling but when it's off they look far apart and swollen :-(
  11. I've bee using arnica orally, religiously. They are very yellow. I'll post one now from yesterday. They look different again today.
  12. They look amazing! My bruising is similar to yours that yellow colour.
  13. They look amazing. my bruising is seriously outta control. They look like they were hit my a truck. I thought it was the Orange antiseptic they wash you with in surgery until I tried to was it off and realised it's just the bruising. my pain this week has honestly not been more that that feeling when your milk comes in i feel incredibly lucky. My post op bra, as ugly as it is, is a godsend. My sternum swelling is going down and the girls are starting to sit better already. I'll take another pic today. I'm a bridesmaid this Saturday and was freaking out that they would be too swollen and side boobie to fit in the dress but I tried it yesterday and it fits perfectly.
  14. Thanks. Yes, a lift as well. Once my sternum swelling goes they should sit a lot better. I'm just being impatient!
  15. Ok they are up. They are not pretty at all. God I hope they change quickly!
  16. How do I create an album? I've taken some pics but not sure how to post them!
  17. Mine look funny still. I had my post op app and was fitted for a surgical bra, the nurse said this will help push them together. My issue is still the swelling in my sternum, she said that can take 3 months to go down. Even though I've had a lift my nipples are pointing a little more south than I anticipated. I'll try to post pics later today. I still have a long way to go. I am only 4 days PO.
  18. Goodluck to you girls today. so exciting ?
  19. I ended up saying to my Dr you choose, you do this every day and know what looks best. That's why he went with 330's MP. I lost a lot of volume with the breast lift and I can tell that 330 will be perfect once they have settled. I'm sleeping pretty well. I think you will be ok, overs dont hurt as much. I had overs when I had my first surgery, and recovered quickly. I had unders the second time and was in more pain and I think because I already had unders and the Dr used the same pockets but corrected them slightly will be the reason why I'm handling the pain. If it wasn't for the swelling I think I would be at about 90%. Goodluck!
  20. Freaking incredible! I'm still waiting for the actual pain to kick in, so far it's been completly manageable. I'm very swollen, my breasts my sides and my sternum. I'm using lots of ice packs (bags of peas) to help with the swelling. I'm sure the incisions will be sore in the next few days especially when they remove my dressings. I have 330's under. 20th is so close! Very exciting. What size are you getting?
  21. I'm only 1 day post op from BL and replacement implants. I'm practically pain free (amazing and still in shock that I feel this good) but my sternum is incredibly swollen. My breasts are too but the skin on my sternum is so tight. Anyone else have this and how long does it last? I think the swelling is pushing them out too so they are mega side boob and not much to the front. Will that settle too?
  22. Def not too old! I'm 34 and had my 360hp anotomics replaced yesterday for rounds. I went smaller to 330mp and had a lift at the same time. I'm way to swollen to get a good feel of how they look. I have a friend in her 40's who has 520cc rounds and they look bloody fantastic. I'm sure you will too.
  23. Ok so I'm done and dusted. sitting in the second stage of recovery with a cup of tea and crackers. sore and swollen and generally woozy. There already bruised too! I have big ice packs on already. if I'm sore now I can only imagine how the next few days will feel. Unfortunately I'm allergic to codeine/morphine etc so I'll be discharged with panadol and nurofen! I'm going to have to put on my big girl panties and just suck it up. This morning i was freaking out about picking the right size between the 300 and 330 but in the end dr R said, let's go 330 ive asked everyone in recovery including the anesthetist if they look good and if they are heaps better than my other boobs lol, even he said they look fantastic! I can't wait to get a good look at them. Now im just waiting to be released so I can go home to my comfy bed!
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