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  1. Hey kiddi, the wedding was great, I didn't wear a bra at all and by 7pm my back was on fire, we thankfully left at 9 so I was so grateful to put my bra back on and even my strap. They ached a bit more yesterday and I had an awful headache so ended up taking some stronger painkillers. I've definitely overdone it over the last week with outings and activities, but that's just me and Dr Harwood knows that's my personality. I just haven't been back to the gym yet which will probably shock him when I see him Thursday lol

  2. Thanks Oakley. This time was completely different. I was way to lucky to have such a quick and pain free recovery first time-this time makes up for it lol. I'm happy with my newbies though so I guess it's all worth it. How are you doing?

  3. Thanks cherry pie. Still lots of pain but its only day 3, so hopefully tomorrow I turn the corner.

  4. *over I mean, silly iPad........

  5. Thanks! Can't wait until its Oc and I'm tucked up in bed!

  6. Hi bex, my currently implants are sagging pretty badly too. I should have gone under and bigger to start with but at least they are getting fixed now.

  7. Thanks Jen Jen, I will def take some pics, I'm feeling very anxious tonight and hope I get a good night sleep.

  8. right squat down then when come up bring knee up to shoulder, repeat with left 10 each side the 20 double false starts then back on milk crate repeat this 3 times. I finished off with about 10 minutes of abs. I'm def back to about 90% training intensity have even started light boxing. Not bad for 2.5 weeks post surgery although I simply can't sit still. If you like that workout I'll send you my 2nd PT one, that damn near killed me lol! Take care x

  9. Im doing awesome? How's your recovery going? I wear a lorna Jane crop top every day instead of a bra then the ahh bra to bed. dr H is happy with the support the Lj crops give me. My first post surgery workout (in my own) was just 50,40,30,20,10 of squats, lunges, step ups, right calf raise, left calf raise x2. My first workout with Pt, I'll try to remember but pretty sure I warmed up with 10 right kicks to a kick pad (could do this to a boxing bag if you have one) 10 squats, 10 left kicks, 10 squats (2 reps) then 9 (2 reps,8 2reps down to 1) then squat, squat to left, squat to right 10-1. Next was on a milk crate with a 4 kilo slam ball (can do this with or without a weight)

  10. Thanks soooo much, now you've seen my before pics you can understand how freaking thrilled I am with my results. Dr H is a an absolute God send, he has given me my life back, dramatic I know but seriously I can't thank him enough!

  11. Thanks Cozzie, I feel really good actually. Im a little bit nauseous but I popped a pill so I'm feeling ok now. I've already taken pics but will have to wait to use my laptop. Wish I could upload from my IPad! I haven't slept yet just rested in bed I'm trying to hold off until later so that I can pop a sleeping pill and hopefully get a good sleep.

  12. These last few weeks have flown by so it will be your turn very soon! I'll keep you posted on my recovery. I'm feeling really good right now, a little bit drowsy but not as bad as I thought. I feel a little but tight in my chest but not too bad so far, will see how the next 24-48 hours go pain wise!

  13. Thanks jenjen, I was wondering what your BWD was seen as my current boobies are similar to yours. I'm freaking out about tomorrow!! I'll let you girls know how I go.

  14. Thanks fitboobies. Do you recall your BWD? I'd just hate for there to be saggy skin left behind if I get the HP seen as my BWD is 12.5 and HP is 11.7.

  15. You know what, I originally wanted 275's because I didn't want to be huge, then on my second consult with my dr, he decided 315's would fit better, the just before I walked out he mentioned 360's and I said I don't wan boobie greed, he said at some stage after surgery every woman will wish they went bigger! I'm just trusting my doc that he knows the perfect size or me. He also told me not to lose any more weight as the 315's would make me look like I'll topple over if I get even skinnier! I'm so excited for you, I can't wait to just get it over with

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